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Will Temporary Lift Chair Rental Cause Damage to Walls or Stairs?

PA Stairlift has rental lifts for temporary house guests.For many people, a stair lift becomes a permanent – and highly useful – fixture in your home.

But maybe that’s not the case for you. Maybe you have a relative coming to stay, and you know they won’t be able to handle your stairs, but you want to make your entire home accessible.

Perhaps temporary lift chair rental is the answer.

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Preventing Falls at Home

Preventing Falls - seniors falling costs millions in medical costs each year.

Every year, 25 percent of America’s senior population is injured in a fall. It’s the leading cause of injury among our country’s older population, sending three million of them to the ER each year. It’s time we started doing more about preventing falls.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, a fifth of all falls lead to broken bones or head trauma. We spend tens of billions of dollars a year treating falls. Eliminating some of the falling hazards around the house could save millions in healthcare expenses.

Preventing Falls – An Ounce Of Prevention

It’s an insidious sort of injury: People who fall once often develop a fear of falling, which leads them to reduce their activity, making them weaker and susceptible to subsequent falls.

This doesn’t mean it’s a problem without hope. Installing a new stair lift is one way to avoid falling, but not the only way. You can use these steps to prevent falls in your home and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Seniors should always keep their shoes on to avoid falls.1. Keep your shoes on and avoid loose clothing

Sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for safety. Going around with just socks on can cause you to slip, and baggy clothing presents a trip hazard. Look for clothing that doesn’t bunch up when you walk. And if wearing shoes all day seems too uncomfortable, look for some socks with non-slip grips.

Clear clutter on floor to avoid trips and falls.2. Clear away clutter

A tidy home is a safer home. Clear away anything that’s blocking your path – particularly near stairs or in hallways – such as magazines or old newspapers.

3. Put in non-slip surfaces

Many falls happen in bathtubs, showers or on wet floors. Investing in non-slip mats can prevent a potentially fatal injury.

4. Remove trip hazards

Examine your rooms and hallways for things like loose carpeting and rugs or uneven floorboards. Repairing or replacing these problems can help you prevent a fall.

Adding nightlights in the bedroom and bathroom is another way to avoid falls.5. Add some light

Preventing falls at home is easier when you can see. Put in some brighter light bulbs, especially near steps and along narrow hallways. And consider putting nightlights in your bedroom and bathrooms.

6. Something to hold onto

Using a safety bar around a toilet and in the shower is a great way to help keep seniors safe.Handrails and grab bars are essential to getting you in and out of the tub, on and off the toilet or up and down stairs. Some people even use them in hallways for extra precaution.

7. Go slow

Preventing falls at home means moving slowly and carefully. Try not to get up from sitting or lying down too fast.

Seniors with stairs should install a stairlift to avoid devastating falls.8. Stay off the stairs

A stairway can be a safety hazard for some older people. And while some experts advise they try living on one floor, that may not always be practical.

And that’s where a stair lift can help.

Investing in a stair lift is a good way to reduce your risk of falling while holding onto your independence. A stair lift – also known as a chair lift – will allow you to remain at home and avoid serious and expensive renovations such as adding a bathroom, or turning a downstairs room into a bedroom.

If you’re thinking a stair lift is right for your home, contact Pennsylvania Stair Lifts today. We’ll be happy to help you make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Caring for Elderly Parents in Your Home vs. Aging in Place

Most seniors want to age in place.

Where would your elderly parents prefer to live? In 2011, the AARP polled its members about the concept of aging in place. Not surprisingly, nearly everyone they surveyed over the age of 75 said they wanted to live their final years at home.

But while there are more seniors today who want nothing more than to age in place, it’s also true that many of those same seniors can’t take care of themselves in their homes without help. Continue reading "Caring for Elderly Parents in Your Home vs. Aging in Place"

Benefits of Occupational Therapy for the Aging

Therapist helping senior woman with leg exercises.

Whether they are recovering from an injury, recuperating after surgery or just in need of help with mobility, there are many ways seniors can benefit from occupational therapy, which can improve their health and slow age-related decline, while helping them feel better. Continue reading "Benefits of Occupational Therapy for the Aging"

How to Keep an Aging Brain Active

Aging ActivitiesThere are few experiences more frightening in the lives of seniors than the slow deterioration of the brain. Perhaps just as frightening—maybe even more so—is the fact that even the best and most accomplished doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand what causes the decline of the brain’s cognitive abilities.

But here’s what we do know for sure about brain health in seniors: Keeping your brain strong, healthy, and in regular use has been proven to significantly slow the approach of afflictions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. We also know there are many specific activities which, when practiced with regularity as we age, can significantly help slow the process of cognitive deterioration.

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The Benefits of Yoga for the Elderly

Yoga for the Elderly

Exercise is something of a double-edged sword for older people.

On one hand, regular exercise is important as we age. It helps us live longer and reduces our risk for chronic illnesses.

On the other hand, strength training and high-intensity cardio workouts can be tough on our bodies.

That’s one of the reasons why yoga is such a great form of exercise for seniors.

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Resources for Older Adults

pre-owned stairlift installationIf you’re someone who has recently entered the so-called “sunset years” of life, you’re aware that growing older comes with its fair share of both positive and negative attributes.

Maybe you’ve managed to comfortably retire, and are now spending your days traveling, or playing with your grandchildren. There’s no denying the fact that the last decades of life, under the right circumstances, can be some of your very best.

But growing older can also be a struggle. This is the time of life when our bodies and our minds begin to rebel against the many years of hard labor we’ve put them through. The result can be very serious pain, and sometimes an inability to properly take care of ourselves, even in the most basic of ways.

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Accessibility and Enjoying the Great Outdoors

External Stair Lift in Bucks CountySpring is here, bringing with it plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy your backyard. But for people with mobility issues, this can be easier said than done.

That’s why we want to spend some time today talking about ways to make your backyard – from decks to patios to walkways – more accessible.

In some cases that means installing devices such as stair lifts and platform lifts. Other times, accessibility means making certain adjustments.

Here are a few ways to make your backyard for accessible this spring:

1. Spaces and paths

Everyone wants a smooth, level place to sit during backyard gatherings, and people who use wheelchairs are no exception.  Wheelchairs need about five feet of space in which to turn around. Ideally, you should aim for more than that, with spaces scattered around the area.

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