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How a Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Can Help You

vertical platform lifts in PAIf you happen to be a regular reader of the PA Stairlifts blog, you would certainly be forgiven for assuming that the only accessibility products we offer are, well … stair lifts.

Over the past year, we’ve spoken to you about stairlift funding. We’ve written about how stair lifts can help seniors with mobility issues hang onto their hobbies. We’ve even explained how the installation of a home stair lift can benefit the other members of your family. And heck: The word “stairlift” is even one-half of our company name!

As it happens, we also sell vertical platform lifts—they’re sometimes referred to as “porch lifts” or “residential platform lifts”—and they’re manufactured by Bruno right here in the United States. Vertical platform lifts are designed for people who use wheelchairs, specifically those who aren’t able to lift themselves out of their wheelchair and into the chair that’s attached to a stairlift.

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