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5 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Seniors

Senior with party favor

It might seem like ringing in the New Year is a young man’s game.

Alcohol, crowds, staying up past midnight: none of them may be attractive – or feasible – for the senior citizens in your life.

Yet the New Year is a cause for everyone to celebrate, not just people who want to party like it’s 1999 when 2019 arrives.

Here a few New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors that can help your elderly parents living with you feel like part of the festivities this December 31. Continue reading "5 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Seniors"

Best Christmas Gifts for Seniors

Senior couple at Christmas

When it comes to holiday shopping, little kids make it easy. They are more than willing to tell us – and keep telling us – what they want.

Then as people get older, they become harder to shop for: think about all the times a parent or grandparent has told you “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.” Continue reading "Best Christmas Gifts for Seniors"