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3 Ways A Stair Lift PA Can Increase Your Independence at Home

Stair Lifts Can Increase IndependenceNerve damage. Vertigo. Chronic pain syndrome. These are just a few of the many, many medical conditions that can transform the life of an otherwise independent person into one of almost endless inconvenience.

That’s because it’s not always easy to get from point A to point B when your hips, or your knees, or your feet are in a near constant state of pain.

And if there’s one single residential feature that seems to create more aggravation and bother for semi-mobile people with pain issues than just about anything else in the home, it’s most definitely a set of stairs.

Here in the Philadelphia region, and even in parts of Montgomery County and Bucks County, homes with as many as three staircases are nearly standard-issue. That’s a scenario that can make everyday activities — walking upstairs to the restroom, for instance, or walking downstairs to do the laundry or the dishes — almost impossible for those with lower extremity pain.

A residential stair lift, in fact, can literally be a lifesaver for anyone dealing with pain issues.

And let us be completely clear about something, right from the start: Stair lifts are most definitely not the exclusive domain of homebound seniors. Maintaining a normal standard of independence is a legitimate issue for people with all sorts of medical conditions: Cancer survivors overcoming chemotherapy. Patients recovering from recent surgery. Sufferers of multiple sclerosis, or nearly any other neurological disorder.

No matter what your mobility issue may be, in other words, it’s very possible that a residential stair lift PA could be the thing that finally turns your home life around for good.

To see what we mean, take a quick read through the three scenarios below, and see if any of them resonate.

And if you’d like to learn more about how Pennsylvania Stair Lifts can get your home outfitted with a new, used or rental stair lift, contact us or give us a call at 877-257-0456 or 215-914-0800.

1. A Stair Lift Significantly Decreases Your Dependence on Other People

This definitely isn’t a factor most pain sufferers like to think about — it’s certainly not pleasant — but the reality is that having mobility issues affects not only your own independence, but also that of your family and friends.

Think of the spouse or family member you live with, for instance, who constantly has to run chores for you around the house because the stairs cause you such an inconvenience. You’re not able to bring the laundry up from the basement, for instance, so you ask for help. Heading to the bathroom upstairs for a glass of water late at night would definitely cause too much pain … so you ask for help.

Imagine how that relationship might brighten and improve if the stairs in your home were no longer an impediment to the basement workshop, say, or the ground-floor kitchen. With a stair lift in your home, true independence could actually be your reality.

And because we offer new, used and rental stair chairs, the cost doesn’t have to be prohibitive. If you’d like a bit more information, go ahead and request our Stair Lift Info Pack. We’ll be more than happy to bring you up to speed.

2. A Stair Lift May Actually Save You Money

Have you found yourself having to hire expensive home care workers or house cleaners because you can’t manage the stairs in your home? Perhaps you’re still semi-mobile, and wouldn’t have much of a problem cleaning your bathroom, for instance, or vacuuming the den, if you lived in a single-story house.

But because the hassle of walking up the stairs and back down all day causes your arthritis to flare up, or makes you especially nauseous because of your vertigo, you’ve had to resort to hiring part-time service care workers.

A residential stair lift PA could certainly rectify that situation — or part of it, at least — once and for all.

And while not all new stair chairs necessarily come cheap, the MediTek Stairlifts we install can be purchased new or used. We even offer rental models.

If you’re a U.S. military veteran, it’s worth bearing in mind that the VA, or Veterans Administration, is equipped with financial assistance programs that can help you obtain a stair lift.

And if you’re on Medicare but also have some sort of supplemental insurance, there’s a decent chance your supplemental carrier may cover part of the cost, or perhaps even the entire cost, of an in-home stair lift.

3. A New or Used Stair Lift May Allow You to Keep Your Home

We’ve heard way too many horror stories about immobile or even semi-mobile seniors who’ve lived in the same beloved home their entire adult lives, but were eventually forced to move out because the stairs became an obstacle they simply couldn’t overcome.

Life does not have to turn out this way! Even if you live in a historic Philadelphia-area rowhome with tight and narrow staircases, you can regain your independence with a stairway lift.

In fact, no matter what sort of home you live in, and no matter what your mobility situation may be, there’s a decent chance that at least one of our stair lift solutions will make for a good fit.

If bending at the hips presents a problem for you, take a look at our Stand and Perch Stair Lift. We also have External Stairlifts for outdoor use. And we can even create a custom-designed stair lift solution, depending on your own unique needs and and your living situation.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how a stair lift can help you stay in your home?  If so — and you’re in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware tri-state area — contact our team at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, Inc. Our skilled professionals are always happy to help!

We service the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond, including Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, Berks County, and more.

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