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Do most people rent or purchase stair lifts?

Over 90% of our customers choose to rent our stair lift systems. It is cheaper starting off and any service needed for the stair lift is covered through the monthly rent. 

Are stair lifts battery operated?

Yes they are. The batteries constantly recharge and remain ready for use (models have different placement areas to be charged). Constant charging also preserves battery life, so your stair lift's batteries maintain their charge longer!

Does Medicare cover the cost of a stair lift?

No, Medicare and supplemental insurances do not cover stair lift systems, because they do not consider stair lifts a "medical necessity." But with our affordable rental option, you do not have to worry about an expensive investment. Our office phone number is 215-914-0800; call for prices.

How does the stair lift mount to my stairs?

Our stair lift systems are attached to the tread of the steps and not the wall. Our professional Service Technicians will leave your home as clean and tidy as they found it.

Do you rent stair lifts for outside?

Yes, we do. Call our office at 215-914-0800 for prices.

On average how wide does a stair lift stick out?

Depending on the model, the width of the stair lift in use ranges from 22 to 24 inches wide.

Is it hard for non-users to use the staircase with the stair lift installed?

No, it is not difficult for non-users to use the staircase with the stair lift installed. The seat, arms, and footrest conveniently fold up while not in use, making plenty room for non-users in the household to pass by the stair lift.

What is the maximum weight capacity?

Depending on the model stair lift, we offer a 300 lb and 400 lb weight capacity.

What if my staircase is not a straight flight?

If your staircase has a curve or angle to it, it typically requires a custom stair lift, which takes longer to manufacture, is more expensive, and is not offered as a rental option. In some cases, you can install two straight stair lifts cheaper than you can one custom curved stair lift. We also offer this option as a rental.