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New Stairlifts

PA Stairlifts, Indoor Curved Stairlift
Indoor Curved Stairlift

 At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts Inc., we provide a comprehensive range of new stair lift systems and accessories for interior, exterior, residential, and commercial spaces.

Our ready-made inventory is the most extensive in the region, ensuring we can offer next-day service and new stair lift installation at no extra cost. Our custom-made stair lifts accommodate

everything from multi-flight to spiral staircases and include personalized customizations like adjustable seat sizes and a selection of custom fabrics to match your aesthetic. 

Importantly, all our stair lift systems are U.S. manufactured and ISO 9001 certified, guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability. For additional peace of mind, we offer an optional maintenance plan to keep your stair lift in optimal condition, ensuring safety, longevity, and reliable performance for years to come.


Types of New Stair Lift Systems 

Whether your staircase is inside a cozy home, leading to an outdoor deck, or in a bustling commercial building, we have the right solution. Our new stair lift systems are designed to cater to various architectural styles and personal preferences. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

  • Straight Stairlift: Ideal for single, straight flights of stairs, providing a simple, efficient solution
  • Curved Stairlift: Custom-designed to fit staircases with bends, turns, or changes in direction
  • Outdoor Stairlift: Designed to endure weather conditions and provide a solution for navigating steps to decks, front entrances, lakesides, and more
  • Commercial Stairlift: Commercial-grade Elite stair lift models for places of worship, schools, and businesses Which type of stair lift is right for you? Let our PA-based team tailor the ideal lift to your unique requirements, ensuring comfort, safety, and seamless integration into your home or business environment.

Which type of stair lift is right for you? Let our PA-based team tailor the ideal lift to your unique requirements, ensuring comfort, safety, and seamless integration into your home or business environment.

Customization Options & Accessories 

To make your stair lift experience even more comfortable and convenient, we offer an extensive range of accessories and customization options to ensure your new stair lift is a perfectly functional and aesthetically pleasing fit. These are thoughtfully designed to address specific needs and spatial challenges, ensuring that your stair lift integrates seamlessly into your home or commercial space. Our options and accessories include:

  • Swivel seat: Manual or powered swivel seats for easy and safe access
  • Wider chair: Accommodates different body types, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit
  • Stand and perch: Allows users to ascend and descend safely while standing or perching
  • Multi-flight: Designed for homes with multiple levels, seamlessly connecting more than one flight of stairs
  • Vertical platform: An elevator-like lift, perfect for wheelchair users or transporting heavy items between floors
  • Folding rails: Perfect for narrow hallways or doorways at the bottom of the stairs, available in both manual and automatic versions.
  • Folding hinge track: Ideal for staircases ending near doors or passageways, with manual and automatic options.
  • Folding footrest: A convenient feature for effortless folding, available with power operation and arm switch control.
  • Advanced safety features: Robust safety features, including obstruction sensors, call and send units, seatbelts, key switches, and footrest raisers
  • Custom fabrics: A wide selection of fabrics to match your home or commercial décor

We make customizing and accessorizing new stair lifts simple. Contact us for a personalized consultation, where we’ll discuss your specific needs, explore various options, and guide you through every step of the selection process to ensure your new stair lift is a perfect fit for you.

Why Choose Us? 

Choosing us means partnering with a new and used stair lift supplier in PA renowned for quality and service. We are more than a stair lift provider – we are a team dedicated to enhancing your quality of life. Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of the stair lift experience, from expert consultation to post-installation support. Here’s why our customers trust us:

  • Expertise: We specialize exclusively in stair lifts, ensuring you receive expert advice and service.
  • Custom solutions: Our tailored installations meet your unique needs and staircase requirements.
  • Quick service: Our extensive inventory and fabrication facility allow for next-day service without additional costs.
  • Comprehensive support: From consultation to installation, maintenance, and removal, we’re with you every step of the way.
  • Clean installation: We respect your home and strive for minimal disruption during installation.
  • Dependability: We offer after-hours, weekend installations, and emergency services. · Trusted suppliers: We work with renowned suppliers like Bruno® for high-quality stair lift solutions.

Looking for more reasons to partner with us? Contact our team to discover how we can enhance your mobility and independence with our top-of-the-line new stair lifts and personalized service.

What Our Customers Say

We take immense pride in the positive impact our services have on the lives of our customers. Nothing speaks more to our commitment to quality and service than the words of those who have experienced it firsthand. Here are some testimonials from our valued customers, sharing their experiences with our stair lifts and the difference they’ve made in their lives. These testimonials illustrate our dedication to excellence, and we are honored to have played a part in enhancing our customers’ lives:

“Needed a stair lift in a relative hurry. They were able to make it fit in a narrow space. Wasn’t home when it was installed, but the person who was said the installer worked fast and was very nice. He even took a video so had an idea of what to expect when I got released from rehab. I’ve been home for about 3 weeks now. So far, so great!” – David Z.

“Wonderful people to work with, great device, immediate install and best price around. All business should be this easy.” – Lisa M. 


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