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We can design a new or used custom stair lift solution for you, depending upon your needs.

Let us know what type of stairlift you need.

External Stairlifts

The MediTek External Stairlift range comes prefinished in an outdoor weather resistant-coating to help keep the look and finish of your stairlift pristine. An outdoor stairlift from Pennsylvania Stair Lifts might be the solution you have be looking for.

These stair lifts have been installed worldwide from the Swiss Alps to the citrus gardens of Israel.

Vertical Platform Lift

Sometimes called a porch lift, a Bruno vertical platform lift gives people in scooters, wheelchairs or powerchairs the ability to easily enter/exit their home — even if they have steps into their house from a porch or garage.

In addition, vertical platform lifts can offer barrier-free access to decks or basements. Bruno wheelchair lifts are made in the USA and can access up to 14-feet.


MediTek Multi-Flight Stairlifts are designed for straight staircases with intermediate landings or top overruns.

This Modular Design offers the perfect solution for bridging the cost gap between straight stairlifts and made to order curved stairlifts.

Folding Hinge Track

There are instances where the stair lift track ends in front of a door or passageway. In this case, we can install an optional Folding Hinge Track piece at the end of your track. It can be moved out of the way by folding it upwards.

There is a manual and automatic Folding Hinge Track, depending on your needs. No moving parts are ever exposed.

Manual or Powered Swivel Seat

The manual seat swivel is standard in all MediTek stair lifts. At the flick of a lever, the chair can be maneuvered to the 45° or 85° position and back again for safe and easy access on and off the stair lift.

The powered seat swivel operates at the touch of a button to move into the parked or swiveled position at either end of the staircase.

Stand & Perch

If bending at the hips presents a problem, the Stand and Perch Stair Lift is the solution for you.

Just step onto the stair lift, lean against the padded back, and glide up and down your staircase with ease.

The fully height adjustable seating arrangement will accommodate either a standing or perching position.

Seat Footrest Link

For those who find bending down to lift the footrest difficult, the footrest can be linked so that it can be lifted with the seat with ease and comfort.