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6 Ways a Handicap Chair Lift Can Change Your Life

A Handicap Chairlift Can Make Your Life Easier

For most of us, the question of whether or not a building or a home has stairs is something we rarely think about.

But for people who don’t have the full use of their legs, not having access can mean the end of a night out. It can mean they can’t shop in a certain store, or visit a friend’s home.

Older or disabled people can face this kind of hardship on a regular basis in public. There’s no reason they should have to face it at home.

That’s where owning a handicap chairlift—like the ones provided by PA Stairlifts—comes in. It’s a piece of equipment that can change your life in any number of ways. Depending on your situation or that of your loved ones, it can also keep you from having to change your life.

Here’s how:

1. You’ll Keep Your Independence

If stairs have become more than you can handle, you probably feel like you’ve lost a good bit of your independence. If you live in a house with more than one floor, you may no longer be able to access entire sections of your home. It may mean not being able to reach a bedroom or bathroom.

This is more than just inconvenient. If you need people to constantly get things for you from other floors, or if you can’t sleep or bathe the way you used to, you’ve given up a level of independence. A handicap chair lift can help you reclaim that independence.

2. You’ll Have Peace of Mind

Will I have to give up my home?
♦ Will I have to move in with my children?
♦ Can I afford an assisted living facility?

These are the kinds of questions that might be keeping you up at night, as the once-simple process making it up and down the stairs becomes more difficult.

But with a handicap chair lift, you won’t need to worry about things like that. You won’t need to move to an assisted living facility, or even to a home with just one floor. You’ll keep a level of mobility that lets you stay in your home and sleep better at night.

3. You’ll Save Money

Being less mobile might mean having to hire home care workers, or a cleaning service.

But with a stairlift, you’re able to do more for yourself around the house. And while installing one will certainly be an expense, it’s a one-time investment, compared to a service you’ll need to pay for on a regular basis.

And if the stairlift is the difference between staying in your home or going to an assisted living facility, well … think of those billboards you see around the Philadelphia area, advertising homes that cost six figures to move in. Assisted living is an ongoing expense. A chair lift is a one-time investment.

PA Stairlifts even offers rental stairlifts if your situation isn’t a permanent one, or if you’re going to have a disabled guest in your home for the holidays or an extended visit.

4. You’ll Have More Energy

Maybe you’re in a situation where climbing the stairs is difficult, but not impossible. Still, having a chair lift can allow you to conserve your energy in order to tackle other things.

5.   You Won’t Have to Convert Your Home

Thanks to a chair lift, you can banish those visions you’ve had of turning your living room into a bedroom or installing another shower or bathtub. A stairlift will let your home retain its original character.

6.  You’ll Be Safer

Again, you might be in a situation where you’re able to climb stairs, but not with the ease you once did. Rather than risking a fall, a chair lift can help you get up and down safely. Of course, there are safety rules to think about when dealing with a stairlift:

♦ Make sure your chair lift gets regular mechanical service.
♦ Be careful not to let it carry too much weight.
♦ One person at a time, and always wear your seat belt

A handicap chairlift can change your life, but it can also allow you to keep your life the way it was. You face enough obstacles out in the world. You shouldn’t have to face them at home.

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