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Buying vs. Stairlift Rentals PA: Which is Best For You?

Often, stairs are the biggest obstacle for people with mobility problems. That’s particularly true if they want to remain in their own homes. To restore their independence and boost their mobility, stair lifts are the way to go.

For many deserving people, however, purchasing a stair lift may not always be a realistic option. They are rarely covered by insurance companies. And even if they are partially covered, the cost can still be prohibitive.

This is just one of the reasons so many seniors and other people with mobility issues consider the option of stairlift rentals in PA rather than buying. Before renting, however, it is paramount important to take a close look at all the pros and cons where renting is concerned. There are a number of factors you may need to consider before settling on renting a stair lift as an effective alternative to buying.

Short-term Stairlift Rentals PA

One of the most important factors to consider? The length of time you or your loved one is going to use the stairlift. Are you going to use it for just a few months, or will it exceed six months? It’s imperative to keep in mind that renting is always an economical solution if the rental plan only involves covering a few months of usage.

For example, if you’re living in temporary accommodation where installing a permanent stairlift may not be ideal — or if a physically challenged relative of yours decides to spend his or her vacation at your home — stairlift rentals PA are almost always the right decision.

Another scenario might involve a situation in which you or a loved one has undergone surgery. Perhaps you or a family member has a longstanding injury that makes it both difficult and inconvenient to go up or down stairs. Since neither the effects of the surgery nor the injury will be around forever, renting a stairlift for a temporary stretch of time may be more convenient and inexpensive than purchasing your own unit.

Conversely, if you think your need for a stair chair will exceed a period of, say, six months, it would probably be much wiser to purchase a new stair lift. This is because the cost of paying the initial fees for a rental — in addition to the monthly payments — may equal or exceed the cost of buying a new unit outright.

Professional stairlift rentals PA firms should be able to assist you with financing options. A rent-to-own option, for instance, will save you cash as you benefit from the unit for an increasing period of time.

Limitations on Stair Lift Rentals PA

Most stair lift rentals are limited to straight rail models, as these are stock items — they simply require custom-made track or rail lengths. Rental versions of custom curved and outdoor stair lifts are usually hard to find from most distributors. This is mostly due to the high cost of reconditioning the units and the amount of work required to customize the rails in order to suit your unique staircase design.

If you are looking to rent an outdoor model or one that runs continuously up and down multiple flights of stairs, you might be disappointed by lack of availability, and opt to purchase rather than rent.

Choosing a Stairlift Rentals PA Company

Most stair lift suppliers will offer their potential clients written quotations and evaluations. Additionally, independent providers will also be able to give you a choice that will ultimately match your exact stairlift needs, including budget, quality, reliability, and safety of the unit.

Stair chairs are designed differently, so consider these factors when shopping for your rental stair lift:

  • Flexible seat belt for comfort and safety
  • Key switch to prevent unauthorized usage
  • Appropriate user weight capacity
  • Battery-powered to allow functionality in case of a power outage
  • Swivel seat to allow easy landing

We understands how crucial a stair lift rental can be for so many people, and in so many different situations. Contact us today for more information on our stairlift rentals PA options, and we’ll be happy to help. We value every one of our customers.

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