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Elevate Your Outdoor Living with an External Stairlift

If you have a porch or deck attached to your home, you know how enjoyable it can be to spend time outside… especially with spring right around the corner! However, if you or a loved one has mobility issues, getting up and down the deck stairs can sometimes be a challenging and dangerous experience. Fortunately, an external stairlift from PA Stair Lifts can provide a safe and convenient solution for accessing your outdoor living space.

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Ways to Prevent In-Home Falls

Falls are a mark of frailty and chronic health issues in the elderly. Problems with balance and age-related muscle mass loss are the main causes. About one in four adults (28%) aged 65 and older report falling annually which means 36 million falls every year. These have severe physical consequences like fractures that ultimately lead to a disruption in the daily routine and major financial burdens. Other common injuries are broken bones in the wrist, arm or ankle and head wounds that require medical attention.

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Does Medicaid Cover Home Stairlifts?

Does Medicaid cover home stairlifts?Stairs can become a problematic area in a home to navigate if you’ve suffered an injury that affects you physically or as you get older. If you suffer from limited mobility, a home stairlift will offer you many benefits. Stairlifts are an option for you to remain in your home if these conditions exist and prevent you from having to downsize or move. Stairlifts are necessary if a person is deemed physically unable to perform climbing stairs due to medical conditions, but does Medicaid cover home stairlifts?

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Why People Finally Decide to Install a Stair Lift

Install a Stair LiftIt is becoming more common to install a stair lift into your home. Most homes have staircases that become challenging to manage as we age. Stairs can also be difficult if one has suffered an injury affecting mobility. Stair lifts offer you a solution to staying in your home, even if you’ve become injured or find age makes climbing difficult. These are some of the reasons people decide to install a stair lift in their home.

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Common Stair Lift Problems (and How to Fix Them)

Common Stair Lift Problems (and How to Fix Them)Adding a stair lift to your home can change your life, or at least make things a lot easier. But like any piece of equipment, your stair lift can run into problems from time to time.  Some of these stair lift problems will require professional attention, but you can remedy many of them on your own. Here are a few common stair lift issues you might encounter.

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Want to Stay in Your Home? Embrace Universal Home Design

Mani n wheelchair at home

Want to make your home more accessible? Remember these words: universal design.

It’s a term that means an environment that can be used or accessed by anyone. You’ll find it at work on everything from the electronic doors at supermarkets to the curb cuts that allow wheelchair users to get on and off sidewalks. Continue reading "Want to Stay in Your Home? Embrace Universal Home Design"

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

An elderly person with a younger caregiver

Many parents want to age in place, but when that’s not an option, they often end up living with their adult children.

Caring for an elderly parent can often feel like a full-time career, especially if you’re already holding down a 9-5 job. It’s something we often hear from customers in the market for a new lift chair: they’re seeking ways to make life easier for themselves and their parents.

In this week’s blog, we’ll look at some of the signs that being a caregiver is leaving you feeling stressed, as well as some tips for dealing with this burnout.

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