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Stairlifts in New Jersey: Find the right option for you!

Physically disabling factors whether from an accident, medical procedure, or the natural aging process can threaten a person’s independence. Finding ways to acquire and maintain an independent lifestyle is a key factor in happiness. Stairlifts, which are battery-powered chairs mounted on stair rails, help in promoting independence by providing a safe and reliable solution to access upper and lower levels of structures and the outdoors in residential and commercial facilities. Continue reading "Stairlifts in New Jersey: Find the right option for you!"

Are You in Need of a Stair Lift for a Loved One in Delaware?

There are typically three different types of people who consider a stair lift in Delaware. One of them being those who need immediate help with accessing the upper level of their home. Another is someone looking at future needs and anticipate they will need this help soon. Continue reading "Are You in Need of a Stair Lift for a Loved One in Delaware?"

Does Medicaid Cover Home Stairlifts?

Does Medicaid cover home stairlifts?Stairs can become a problematic area in a home to navigate if you’ve suffered an injury that affects you physically or as you get older. If you suffer from limited mobility, a home stairlift will offer you many benefits. Stairlifts are an option for you to remain in your home if these conditions exist and prevent you from having to downsize or move. Stairlifts are necessary if a person is deemed physically unable to perform climbing stairs due to medical conditions, but does Medicaid cover home stairlifts?

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Why People Finally Decide to Install a Stair Lift

Install a Stair LiftIt is becoming more common to install a stair lift into your home. Most homes have staircases that become challenging to manage as we age. Stairs can also be difficult if one has suffered an injury affecting mobility. Stair lifts offer you a solution to staying in your home, even if you’ve become injured or find age makes climbing difficult. These are some of the reasons people decide to install a stair lift in their home.

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What are the Benefits of Stair Lifts for Wheelchairs?

wheelchair stairlift

Twenty years out from the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the world still isn’t always kind to wheelchair users.

Just ask anyone who’s visited a supposedly “accessible” business only to find a step at the front door or a narrow entryway.

That’s why it’s crucial that people who use wheelchairs feel safe and comfortable at home, and why stair lifts for wheelchair users are so valuable.

Read on to learn some of the benefits of a wheelchair stair lift.

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How Often Should I Have My Stair Lift Serviced?

Stair lift going up

The idea of going more than a year without taking your car to a mechanic seems ridiculous.

Even if we weren’t required by law to have our vehicles inspected, we’d want to have a professional check them out to make sure everything was in good working order.

The same thing applies to your stair lift. Having it serviced once a year can ensure safe passage for you or your loved ones. Continue reading "How Often Should I Have My Stair Lift Serviced?"

What Type of Stair Lift is Right for Me?

Nice home

When we’re just starting out in life, the phrase “the American dream” conjures up images of things like landing a great job or owning your own home.

Older Americans, meanwhile, have a different dream: staying in that home as they age. Survey after survey has found that a majority of people 55 and over want to live as independently for as they can as long as they can. Continue reading "What Type of Stair Lift is Right for Me?"