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Home Modification for Accessibility Act: What You Need to Know

In May, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., introduced the Home Modification for Accessibility Act to enhance Americans’ efforts to age in place. If this House of Representatives bill passes, it could have a tremendous impact on people with mobility concerns. For example, stair lifts that help folks navigate staircases could become a lot more affordable and accessible.

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The Queen’s Lift: Stairlifts in the News

The humble stairlift is having a moment, in light of the remodeling of Craig Gowan House to include a stairlift. The multistory building, which is situated in Scotland, houses the offices of the West Dunbartonshire Council.  This is where the Queen and Prince Philip were known to spend much of their vacations. The newly added lift is fit for royalty, able to hold up to a wheelchair and three people simultaneously. These modifications merely fan the flames of speculation, as Royal Family fans continue to gossip about her recent scaling back of duties and public appearances.

Regardless of whether Queen Elizabeth is “retiring” or not, it is clear that the issue of accessibility is one that is very important to many people, and that stairlifts can play a role in making buildings more accessible. If you are interested in learning more about this topic, then please continue reading.

View of the Craig Gowan House and property

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