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How is My Stairlift Powered?

In the wake of December’s unexpected and devastating tornadoes and the record-breaking snow storms currently hitting the eastern part of the country, you may be rightfully concerned about the possibility of weather-related utility outages during winter weather.  There are tips and tricks that are fairly well-known that you can implement, such as dripping a faucet during especially cold weather to deter pipes from freezing.  For those that rely on stairlifts to get around at home, there’s the added concern of whether the equipment can function during a power loss.  Let’s address this concern and steps you can take to ensure your mobility year-round:

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Do Stair Lifts Use a Lot of Electricity (and Other Common Questions)

We’ve been providing stair lift installations for long enough now to anticipate certain questions.

Will it work if I have a curved staircase?

Do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?

Is it safe?

All reasonable questions, all of which we can answer. In this blog post, we’ll address some of the common questions we get from customers considering a stair lift installation.

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