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Home Modification for Accessibility Act: What You Need to Know

In May, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., introduced the Home Modification for Accessibility Act to enhance Americans’ efforts to age in place. If this House of Representatives bill passes, it could have a tremendous impact on people with mobility concerns. For example, stair lifts that help folks navigate staircases could become a lot more affordable and accessible.

Keep reading to learn more about this significant legislation!

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6 Top Signs You Need a Stairlift

Stairs are part of our daily lives, and most people do not seem to have a problem using them. However, when it comes to the elderly and people with limited mobility, going up and down stairs can be a daunting task. For this reason, stairlifts have been designed to help you have a better experience using your stairs.

But how do you even know that you need a stairlift in your home? Continue reading this article to know some of the top signs that you need a stairlift!

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How is My Stairlift Powered?

In the wake of December’s unexpected and devastating tornadoes and the record-breaking snow storms currently hitting the eastern part of the country, you may be rightfully concerned about the possibility of weather-related utility outages during winter weather.  There are tips and tricks that are fairly well-known that you can implement, such as dripping a faucet during especially cold weather to deter pipes from freezing.  For those that rely on stairlifts to get around at home, there’s the added concern of whether the equipment can function during a power loss.  Let’s address this concern and steps you can take to ensure your mobility year-round:

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Why You Need a Vertical Stairlift in Pennsylvania

If you have mobility limitations, getting around in public is hard enough – you don’t want to face the same obstacles in moving around your own home. During the summer months in particular, outdoor stairs may pose difficulties in spending time with loved ones on the porch or in the yard. If these problems sound familiar, a vertical platform lift may be the solution for you.

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Spring into action in getting your lift chair in Philadelphia!

With spring around the corner, we’re eager to break out of winter hibernation. Like many, we at PA Stair Lifts enjoy spending time outside in the warmer weather. As the snow melts away and spring flowers peek out of garden beds we’re reminded that it isn’t always easy for those with limited mobility to enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading "Spring into action in getting your lift chair in Philadelphia!"

Rental Stairlifts in New Jersey

Staying in your New Jersey home, after retirement, is important. Being able to stay in the place where you’ve built your life, or raised a family, in comfort and enjoyment is something that everyone deserves.

Whether you have joint pain, or need temporary assistance after surgery, a stairlift rental is a great solution so that you can maintain access to your New Jersey home. From a knee replacement to heart surgery, not being able to get around your house can be something that can be frustrating and inconvenient. Continue reading "Rental Stairlifts in New Jersey"

Are You Looking for a Stairlift in Pennsylvania?

Having a stairlift in Pennsylvania homes makes life much safer and increases your mobility. Stairs can become a dangerous challenge and difficult to navigate when you get older, or if you’ve been injured. When these situations occur, many feel they have to move from their home or live in an alternative location, but with a stairlift in Pennsylvania homes, you can safely stay in your house.

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How a Stair Lift Can Restore Independence in Your Pennsylvania Home

Nerve damage. Vertigo. Chronic pain syndrome. Heart conditions. Multiple sclerosis.

These are just a few of the many, many medical conditions that can transform the life of an otherwise independent person into one of almost endless inconvenience.

If you can relate to these statements you’re certainly not alone. In public places, you have can avoid stairs by using escalators and elevators. However, if you are like the majority of homeowners, neither of these is a viable option for your Pennsylvania house. Continue reading "How a Stair Lift Can Restore Independence in Your Pennsylvania Home"

Does your loved one need a stair lift in Delaware?

There are typically three different types of people who consider a stair lift in Delaware. One of them being those who need immediate help with accessing the upper level of their home.  Another is someone looking at future needs and anticipate they will need this help soon. Continue reading "Does your loved one need a stair lift in Delaware?"

Caregiver vs. Caretaker: Which is Correct for Elder Care?

Caregiver brushing senior woman hair

On the surface, they sound like the same word.

Caregiver and caretaker.

And to some people, the terms caregiver vs. caretaker are interchangeable, although you can argue that a caretaker is someone who looks after things – the guy in charge of a building when no one’s there – while a caregiver is someone who looks after people. Continue reading "Caregiver vs. Caretaker: Which is Correct for Elder Care?"