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Can Stair Lifts Be Fitted to Any Stairs?

Curved Stair Case

When you have a regular, up-and-down staircase, stair lift installation is easy. A straight staircase will typically be much less work than curved stairs.

But doesn’t mean stair lift installation is impossible if you live in a home with a curved staircase, although it still presents a challenge.

That’s because no two curved staircases are alike, requiring you to install a custom stair lift. The track of the lift needs to bend to the appropriate angle. It’s very exacting work, and not the type of thing homeowners should attempt to do on their own.

It’s a complex process. Here’s what the Bruno stair lift company describes: It all starts with installers taking photos of the customers home, an engineering team using those pictures to lay out a path for the stair lift and a designer will create the lift before it goes to the manufacturing floor.

The finished product is one that can be used on a variety of different staircase types:

  • Multi-level stairs
  • Stairs with an intermediate landing
  • Stairs that change direction or curve
  • Spiral staircases

All of this can cost more than the typical stair lift installation, but as we like to tell people, the benefits outweigh the costs. For example:

  • While it’s true that you’ll need to spend money to install a stair lift, we’d argue that it also saves you money. If you’re less mobile, you may need to hire cleaners and home healthcare workers. A stair lift installation eliminates that concern.
  • If trouble getting up and down the steps has left you confined to one floor, you may need to convert your living space to adapt, turning downstairs rooms into bedrooms or adding new bathrooms. But a stair lift allows you to keep your home more or less intact.
  • Having a stair lift gives you and your family peace of mind. You can rest assured that you won’t need to move in with your children or head off to an assisted living center. And your family can take comfort knowing that you’ve made your home safer.

What should I look for in a stair lift?

Stair lifts can be installed on virtually any stairs: straight or curved, indoor or outdoor, thanks to our friends at MediTek. They offer some unique features that anyone interested in stair lift installation should seek out, including:

  • Continuous battery charging – This feature keeps the batteries in the lift constantly recharged and ready for use, while also ensuring the battery life lasts longer.
  • Multi-roller carriage unit – Stair lifts with more wheels offer a better, smoother ride. And while many brands offer eight-wheel lifts, ours comes with 12, giving a substantially more stable, comfortable glide.
  • Comfort – Our lifts come with height-adjustable seats, to ensure your stair lift is just the right fit for you, as well as a super-low footrest that makes getting on and off the lift easier.

Are you considering a stair lift installation? Pennsylvania Stairlifts can help. We specialize in helping people age in place and get the most out of their homes and offer lifts for both rental and sale.

Whether your home features a straight staircase or something more elaborate, we’re confident we can find a solution that keeps you safe. Contact us today to learn more.

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