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Did You Know? Stairlift Rentals Are Available for the Holidays

Remember when the busy Christmas Eve traffic was the only thing complicated about the holiday season? Remember when traveling across the state – or even to the other side of the county – to visit family was as simple as hopping on a plane or behind the wheel of your car?

If you have mobility issues, you may be worried about what the holiday season might look like this year – that’s only natural.

If you invite friends or family to your home, for instance, will you feel like too much of a burden if you end up needing help to get up and down the stairs?

Maybe you’d like to visit your children at their home for the holidays, but find yourself worrying that your lack of mobility might make for awkward or uncomfortable situations.

If those sound at all like the sort of thoughts that have been running through your head, take heart, because there is a solution.

What Are Your Stairlift Rental Options?

Whether you’re planning on staying at home throughout the holiday season or hoping to travel elsewhere in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, you actually can rent a stair lift for a set period of time: long-term, short-term, or nearly any other stretch of time in between.

We have professionally-trained stair lift technicians who will come to your home (or to the home of a family member) and temporarily install a stair lift, no matter what sort of staircase or housing situation you may be dealing with.

We offer straight-rail stairlift rentals for standard, straight staircases. And if your staircase is curved, it may be possible for us to install two or more straight-rail lifts that can actually be connected with a transfer between landings.

We have surprisingly competitive rental rates that are partially based on the maximum weight capacity of the stair lift you have installed. (A stair lift with a capacity to support up to 400 lbs., for instance, will require a slightly higher monthly fee than a lift with a 300 lb. weight capacity.)

Of course, we also sell (and permanently install) a very wide variety of both new and used stair lifts to customers throughout the tri-state area. We use MediTek lifts in all our installations; you can learn more about what makes a MediTek unit so reliable and unique by clicking here.

As for any temporarily installed stairlift rental you may be considering, though, the following is a brief list of questions and other issues you’ll probably want to mull over:

  • Is there a doorway that might be blocked if a lift were to be installed on whichever staircase you have in mind? Believe it or not, that isn’t necessarily a problem. Ask us about the possibility of installing a folding rail, which can be extended and then folded back up after every stair lift use, if necessary.
  • Does your staircase have irregular treads? The lift itself actually attaches to the treads, which is why we offer adjustable brackets to customers whose homes might have unusually constructed staircases.
  • We also offer rental stair lift units with seat and foot rests that fold up for convenience and safety. Some units have easy-to-use paddle switches that control the direction of the lift, while others are operated via remote control. Are there any unusual or unexpected scenarios we should know about? Just let our installation team know. You can contact us via email here, or by calling 877-257-0456.

Want to Know More?

Would you like to know more about how a stairlift rental can help save the holiday season for both you and your family? If so — and if you’re in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware tri-state area — contact our team at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. Our skilled professionals are always happy to help!

We service the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond, including South Jersey, DelawareMontgomery CountyBucks CountyChester CountyBerks County, and more.

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