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Enhance Home Mobility | 7 Stairlift Types & Configurations

As we know Christmas is approaching… and the gift of mobility isn’t just a present; it’s a heartfelt gesture of love and care, especially during the holiday season. At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, we understand the importance of ensuring the safety and ease of movement for your loved ones. This Christmas, consider the invaluable gift of independence and convenience with our range of stairlift options. Let’s explore seven stairlift types and configurations perfect for enhancing home mobility and brightening your loved one’s life.

external stairlift installation

1. External Stairlifts:

Our MediTek External Stairlifts are crafted with an outdoor weather-resistant coating, ensuring durability and reliability even in diverse weather conditions. These stairlifts provide effortless outdoor accessibility to any home – from the city to the suburbs. In turn, they grant freedom and mobility to explore the great outdoors. This holiday, picture the delight on your loved one’s face as they freely move in their garden or terrace, soaking in the sun or enjoying the snow-covered landscapes without limitations.

2. Vertical Platform Lifts:

Imagine the joy of easy home access for individuals using scooters, wheelchairs, or powerchairs. Our Bruno Vertical Platform Lifts, also known as porch lifts, offer barrier-free entry, bridging steps from porches or garages. With a generous 14-foot reach, they provide access to decks or basements, empowering freedom within their own space. Envision the joy and independence your loved one would experience as they effortlessly navigate in and out of their home, independently enjoying every corner.

Elan Indoor Straight SRE 3000 Power Folding Footrest

3. Multi-Flight Stairlifts:

Perfectly designed for straight staircases with intermediate landings, our MediTek Multi-Flight Stairlifts bridge the gap between straight and custom-made curved stairlifts. This modular design not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also optimizes accessibility, offering personalized solutions for varying home configurations. Witness the relief on your loved one’s face as they comfortably navigate multiple floors, seamlessly enjoying every level of their home.

Elan Indoor Straight SRE 3000 Power Folding Rail

4. Folding Hinge Track:

Sometimes, pathways intersect, but our Folding Hinge Track resolves this effortlessly. This optional piece, available in manual or automatic versions, smoothly folds upwards to clear doorways or passageways. With no exposed moving parts, it ensures uninterrupted movement without compromising safety. Imagine the convenience and ease as your loved one glides through their home, hassle-free and without any obstruction.

Elite Indoor Curved SRE 2010

5. Manual or Powered Swivel Seats:

Every stairlift is equipped with a standard manual seat swivel for safe access. Simply flick a lever to position the chair at 45° or 85° angles. Alternatively, the powered seat swivel, operated with a touch of a button, effortlessly moves to the parked or swiveled position at either end of the staircase, ensuring ease of use. Picture the comfort and simplicity your loved one experiences as they effortlessly swivel in and out of the stairlift seat.

elderly man observes service technician changing battery on his stairlift

6. Stand & Perch:

Our Stand & Perch Stair Lift offers an innovative solution for those struggling with bending at the hips. With a comfortable, adjustable seating arrangement, it provides the option of standing or perching, ensuring effortless gliding up and down the staircase. Visualize the independence and freedom your loved one gains as they comfortably ascend or descend their staircase without physical strain or discomfort.

7. Seat Footrest:

For added convenience, the Seat Footrest Link seamlessly lifts the footrest alongside the seat, eliminating the challenge of bending down. Users can effortlessly elevate both with ease and comfort. Picture the relief and joy as your loved one effortlessly adjusts the footrest, enhancing their comfort while enjoying the smooth ride of the stairlift.

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At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions that cater to diverse mobility needs. This holiday season, gift the joy of freedom and movement, ensuring a safe and convenient environment for your loved ones.

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