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Jobs for Retirees: Retirement Blogging

Kathy Merlino

Meet Kathy. She retired a few years ago, but it wasn’t an easy process. So to help other people in her shoes cope, she started a blog.

Now, you might think we’ve invented Kathy as a way to illustrate this week’s topic, but she’s a real person. You can follow her at Kathy’s Retirement Blog, where she offers tips on the emotional side of transitioning from working life to retirement.

“Retirement takes more than financial preparation,” she writes. “It is more of a journey than an arrival at a life destination. And, it is not an end but a beginning. People are living longer, are more productive than ever. That said, getting to my happy place in retirement was a challenge. But, I learned, as I meandered through this life transition, I am far from alone.”

Kathy is definitely not alone. In fact, she’s one of many seniors who have turned to blogging in retirement. There are a number of benefits to starting a blog, but first, let’s look at how you can begin retirement blogging.

Getting started

Portrait of smiling man using tablet computer while cooking food in kitchen at home

Begin by asking yourself “What do I want to write about?” Think about the classic advice for writers – “Write what you know!” – and go from there:

  • If you’ve always loved to cook, you could start a blog where you share recipes and tips for making healthy, delicious meals.
  • If you’re devoting your retirement years to travel, your blog can document your journey.
  • If you’re done with your old job but are still interested in your former career, you could write about trends in your industry and offer your perspective.
  • If you’ve lived an interesting life or had an unusual job, you can turn your blog into a memoir.

From there, find your platform. We use WordPress, which is simple and intuitive, but there are plenty of free – or at least low-cost – options for retirement blogging.

You may also want to read blogs by other people in your chosen field to help hone your writing skills. But don’t copy their style. Choose your own voice.

And then finally, head to social media to promote your blog. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you share your words with the world…or at least with your family and friends.

The benefits of retirement blogging

Why should you start a blog after you retire? There are several good reasons blogging is becoming a popular choice among jobs for retirees.

Senior woman blogging while sitting in her garden1. It keeps you plugged in

After retirement, it’s easy to feel isolated. Studies show the value of senior citizens staying active and engaged. Blogging can help on both fronts. It’s like going back to work, but rather than going after any of the traditional jobs for retirees, you’re working on your own schedule and according to your own terms.

In addition, blogging can help you reach others. You can create a community based around whatever you’re writing about, whether it’s books, cooking, travel or finance.

2. You’ll keep your mind sharp

Blogging means researching the things you want to write about, organizing your thoughts and coming up with the right turns of phrase, all of which helps sharpen your mind.

Retired couple happy with their finances3. You might make some money

We’re not saying you should expect to get rich – or even earn a living – from your retirement blogging efforts, but some bloggers can make money through ads on their website or by contributing writing to other sites.

If you’re writing about products that people are selling, you might get paid to offer up reviews. And if you blog for long enough – and have enough interesting things to say – you might be able to someday turn your blog into a book.

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