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More Autumn Senior Safety Tips

Autumn safety tips for seniors

We’ve offered senior safety tips for summer and winter, but fall brings its own set of potential hazards.

As in any season, seniors are at a greater risk for falling, and autumn’s wet weather can make it easier for anyone to trip or slip.

Here are a few senior Autumn safety tips to consider over the next few months.

Autumn Safety Tip #1: Clean Up Fallen Leaves1. Clean up fallen leaves

Having a lot of trees on your property means having a lot of leaves in your yard each fall. It’s a good idea to have these leaves cleaned up on a regular schedule, as wet leaves can present a slip hazard. Hire someone – or enlist a family member – to get leaves out the gutters too, in order to protect your home.

2. Take care on rainy days

Starm Water blocked from going down a gutter because of leaves.

Wet sidewalks and puddles can be a hazard for anyone, but it’s particularly important to help the seniors in your life avoid them. Consider rescheduling outings until things dry off. If possible, have areas with pooling water inspected to see if the puddles can be mitigated with changes such as landscaping.

3. Have your HVAC system inspected

Repairman maintencing an HVAC unit. This is essentiaal in the Autumn for seniors.Just as you’d have your air conditioning system inspected before the start of summer, fall is the perfect time to give your heating system a check-up. Cold weather can be tough for seniors to cope with, so schedule an inspection now to catch any problems that could cause the system to malfunction during the dead of winter.

If your loved one’s home has a fireplace, make sure their chimney is inspected and cleaned, and that you have a decent amount of firewood on hand.

Deer on the edge of the road just before vehicle4. On the road

Just like with your sidewalks, leaves make roadways slippery and obscure hazards such as potholes, so drive with caution. Deer tend to be more active in autumn, so use extra care, especially when driving through more rural areas.

5. Keeping warm

Encourage seniors to dress in layers during the fall. It can help keep them warm without overheating. Keep blankets within reach around the home, and rearrange furniture to keep out drafts.

6. Get ready for flu season

Nurse prepares to give senior patient a flu shot.As we get older, we become more susceptible to the flu. Influenza hits older people much harder than the rest of the population, with people over 65 accounting for nearly three quarters of all flu deaths in America. Make sure the seniors in your family take steps to get protected this fall.

Start with a flu shot, something the Centers for Disease Control recommends for all seniors. Other steps include washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer when out in public and avoiding people who have the flu.

At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, we’ve made it our mission to make life safe, easy and comfortable for senior citizens, and we hope these safety tips for seniors allow you and your family to remain safe this autumn.

If you’re looking for stair lifts, platform lifts and other ways to make your home more accessible, we’re ready to assist you. Contact us today to find the stair lift that’s right for your home.

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