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New Technologies for an Aging Population

Here’s a pop culture cliché we think needs to be retired: the older person who doesn’t quite get new technology.

They show up on TV and in movies all the time, whether it’s something like a grandmother referring to “Facebook” as “Facetube” or a granddad not understanding how an iPad works.

The truth is there are plenty of seniors plugged into social networks and happily using the same devices as their grandchildren.

In addition to helping them stay connected, the digital age is helping senior citizens live longer, and better, lives. Here are some technologies making that happen:

  1. iPads and other tablets

Tablets let seniors listen to music, read and view photos, and download apps that allow them to track health information and exercise activity, all on a screen that’s easy to read.

  1. Video games

Video games have been shown to boost mental cognition and – in the case of the Nintendo Wii’s Wii Fit – physical health in senior citizens.

  1. Smartphones

Tools like voice recognition and photo speed dialing – as well as larger buttons and text – have made smartphones more senior-friendly.

  1. Skype

This program allows seniors to communicate with family no matter where they are, letting them see children and grandchildren in real time. It works on smartphones, tablets and computers.

  1. GPS

If you have a parent or grandparent with dementia and is prone to wandering off, GPS technology can alert caregivers if they leave home. There are GPS apps for smartphones, as well as trackers that can attach to the person’s wrist or clothing.

  1. Wireless monitoring

Home monitor systems with sensor devices can be vital for seniors living alone. They can detect falls, report unusual behavior and even track vital signs.

  1. Hearing aids

Gone are the days of clunky listening devices. Hearing aids keep getting smaller – they’re transparent and in some cases small enough to be implanted into the ear itself—and smarter, using wireless transmission methods such as Bluetooth.

Stair Lifts can make life easier for seniors

In addition to the technologies we’ve mentioned above, you can make things easier for the senior in your life by adding a residential PA stair lift to the home. It allows them to keep using existing bedrooms and bathrooms without having to change the character of the home.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact PA Stair Lifts. We can answer your questions about buying, renting, installing and repairing a stair lift for your home.

Like iPads and Skype, a stair lift is yet another way for the tech-savvy senior in your life to get the most out of their home.

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