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Will Temporary Lift Chair Rental Cause Damage to Walls or Stairs?

PA Stairlift has rental lifts for temporary house guests.For many people, a stair lift becomes a permanent – and highly useful – fixture in your home.

But maybe that’s not the case for you. Maybe you have a relative coming to stay, and you know they won’t be able to handle your stairs, but you want to make your entire home accessible.

Perhaps temporary lift chair rental is the answer.

Mom is visiting and you need a temporary stair lift. PA stair lifts does rentals.And then there’s that question way in the back of your mind: I want mom to be able to get around, but if I rent a stair lift, will the installation damage my walls or stairs?

It’s something we hear all the time as a stair lift rental provider in Philadelphia. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on what to expect from temporary stair lift installation.

How long will I need it?

It may just be that you only need a stair lift for a few weeks. In many cases, your Philadelphia stair lift rental company can allow you to keep a stair lift at home on a month-to-month basis.

Stair lift rental is perfect for anyone who isn’t prepared to invest in a permanent installation, or who maybe have a visiting family member who can’t easily navigate. Think about the length of time you’ll need the lift; if it’s only a few weeks or months, then it may be in your best interest to rent rather than buy a stair lift.

Stair lifts are brakceted down every few steps which are easily removed when you are done with your temporary lift chair rental.How is it held in place?

The stair lift chair travels up and down on a track, which is kept in place by upright support brackets. These brackets are attached to the steps with support screws, and do not touch the walls or bannister.

The screws can go through any carpeting you might have on your steps, which means you won’t need to pull up the carpet during installation. And if you’re installing an outdoor stair lift, you won’t need to worry: they can handle concrete or metal steps as well.

Support brackets are put in at regular intervals along the track, usually on every two or three steps depending on the length of the staircase. They will be installed far enough away from the hall and the banister to ease your fears about the stair lift leaving scuff marks or scratching your paint.

Elite Indoor Curv SR 2010 is a good choice for a temporary lift chair rental.What about my carpet?

After you have the stair lift removed, you shouldn’t see any damage to your stairs or carpet, assuming you’ve had the lift installed by a qualified Philadelphia stair lift rental provider.

The screws used to hold in the brackets are thin, so they won’t make a large hole. The most you should see is a slight indentation, which can be fixed with steam cleaning.

If you’d already been thinking about replacing your carpet, and know you’ll need the stair lift for an extended period, consider putting in the new carpeting before the stairlift. It will be too expensive to have a new – and temporary – stairlift installed and then taken out while new carpeting is put in place.

A temporary lift chair rental is installed not to touch walls or banisters.Are my stairs going to be damaged?

Like we said above, the screws keeping the support brackets steady will leave a few small holes in the stair treads. Carpeting should keep them out of sight.

If you have wooden stairs, the brackets will leave small holes behind, which you can plug with wood filler. The holes should not pose a risk for damage, or make your stairs unsafe in any way.

Are you ready for a temporary lift chair rental for your home? The Philadelphia stair lift rental experts at Pennsylvania Stairlifts can help.

Contact us today to get started. Our team will be happy to address any questions you have, whether you need a stair lift for a few weeks, or need to make it a permanent part of your home.

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