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5 New Year’s Eve Ideas for Seniors

Senior with party favor

It might seem like ringing in the New Year is a young man’s game.

Alcohol, crowds, staying up past midnight: none of them may be attractive – or feasible – for the senior citizens in your life.

Yet the New Year is a cause for everyone to celebrate, not just people who want to party like it’s 1999 when 2019 arrives.

Here a few New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors that can help your elderly parents living with you feel like part of the festivities this December 31.

1. New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors: Make some resolutions

When you read the word “New Year’s resolutions,” you might automatically think of things like “Get promoted at work” or “start jogging every morning.”

Senior woman paintingThings like that might not be relevant or realistic for older people but making resolutions is something anyone can do. New Year’s resolutions for seniors can include some positive goals for the coming year: enjoying favorite pastimes like art or music, learning a new hobby, or trying a new food.

You can even make a game of it: have everyone at the party think of three resolutions, two of them real, one of them made up. Have each person share their list while everyone else guesses the fake resolution.

collage of international foods2. New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors: Serve food from around the globe

In certain countries, it’s customary to eat a specific food to celebrate the New Year. In Spain, for example, people eat 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight for good luck, while revelers in certain parts of the U.S. feast on pork and sauerkraut. Plan a party with an international menu, or better still, make dishes from your loved one’s home country.

3. New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors: Build a family time capsule

Ask your loved one and other guests to think of a significant event that happened during the last 12 months and find a way to represent it. (A drawing, or a photo, for example). Everyone should talk about why the event was important and then put their paper/photo/memento in a box.

Senior woman going through old photo memories4. New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors: Reflect on years past

Pick some important years in your parent’s life. The year she got married or had children or started their business. Look at photos or other mementos from those years and see if they can reflect on those times. You can even throw a themed party based around a past decade.

5. New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors: Celebrate early

New Years Party Favors

There’s no reason to wait until midnight to ring in the new year, especially if your guests of honor want to be in bed before 11. Serve a healthy menu: leafy greens, omega-3 rich foods like fish, or fruit and poultry. And pour some sparkling cider instead of champagne, as older people are more susceptible to the effects of alcohol.

But again, keep things early. If you still want to count down to midnight, wait until 7 p.m. and celebrate the New Year with people in England.

We hope this list of New Year’s Eve ideas for seniors helps you and your loved ones have an enjoyable time this year. Happy New Year from everyone here at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts.

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