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Best Christmas Gifts for Seniors

Senior couple at Christmas

When it comes to holiday shopping, little kids make it easy. They are more than willing to tell us – and keep telling us – what they want.

Then as people get older, they become harder to shop for: think about all the times a parent or grandparent has told you “Oh, you don’t have to get me anything.”

And yes, you don’t have to get them anything, but you want to get them something. You’re just not sure what that something might be.

From our perspective, the best Christmas gifts for seniors are often things that can make their lives easier. If you’re stuck on what to get for mom or dad or grandma, consider one of these suggestions.

For people who use wheelchairs

  • Black leather glove for senior in wheelchairGloves – If you think you have trouble navigating a snowy sidewalk, imagine doing it from a wheelchair. Winter can be a tough time for people with certain disabilities. A reliable pair of gloves can make traveling through slushy weather easier for them.
  • Lap trays – Wheelchair users can have a simpler time handling hot food/drinks at home with these accessories, which attach to their chairs, free their hands and keep them safe from burns.
  • Extra cushions – Cushions, pads or pillows are a great way to make wheelchair users feel more comfortable in their chairs.

For people with diabetes

  • Glucose KitSocks – For most people, socks might seem like a pretty uninspired gift. But for people with diabetes, a few pairs of circulation socks can help relieve nerve pain and – like the name suggests – increase circulation.
  • Cookbooks – Living with diabetes means living with a fairly strict diet. The right cookbook can point your loved one with diabetes to healthy, yet still enjoyable, meal ideas.
  • Glucose meter kits – Help the person with diabetes in your family stay on top of their blood sugar levels with these kits.

For people with dementia/Alzheimer’s

Sneior woman playing with puzzlebook and grandaughterThe best Christmas gifts for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s might depend on how advanced the illness has become:

  • In the early stages, puzzle books and classic movies or TV shows on DVD are a good choice.
  • For people in the middle stages, look for activities that stimulate reminiscing, or devices – or even toys – that promote hand and arm movement.
  • In the late stages, consider nature videos or clothing that makes dressing/undressing simpler.

For people with arthritis

  • Massage for seniorCooking tools – Your mom used to love to cook, but arthritis has made cutting and chopping a lot tougher. But with kitchen tools with the right grips designed for people with arthritis, you can help her rediscover the joy of cooking.
  • Exercise equipment – Regular exercise can reduce arthritis pain, so consider giving the gift of exercise equipment, or a membership to a gym or a yoga studio.
  • Massage or acupuncture – Either of these procedures can help alleviate pain in people with arthritis, especially for people who have osteoarthritis in their back or knees.

For people with depression

  • Senior watering parsley plantsEssential oils and oil diffusers – Different scents, such as lavender, can have a positive effect on people’s moods, or help them relax.
  • Plants – Having plants at home improves well-being, lowers blood pressure and increases productivity. If keeping a plant at home isn’t an option, take them on a trip to your nearest botanical garden.
  • Time – Sometimes the best Christmas gifts for seniors with depression – or anyone, really – are the moments they can spend with friends or loved ones. So stop in for a visit. Take them to lunch or to a movie, or just spend some time chatting with them. You might find it makes you both feel better.

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We invite you to read our blog post from 2016 on making your home more accessible for the holidays. And contact us today if you need to rent a stair lift to accommodate your holiday visitors.

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