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Best Accessibility Options for Your Home

wheelchair lift for accessibility
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Here’s a phrase that we should leave in the past: “Confined to a wheelchair.”

Having to use a wheelchair doesn’t mean you’re trapped, especially not at home. From stair lifts to ramps, there are options available to you or your loved ones to make your home more accessible:

1. Wheelchair ramps

Ramps are the most common way of making a home, business or public building more accessible to people who use wheelchairs, scooters, or simply have difficulty getting up and down stairs. A contractor can install a permanent ramp made of concrete or wood, but a folding or modular ramp can also work if you’re on a tighter budget.

You’ll need one foot of ramp for every inch of vertical rise on your property. You should also consider the slope of your property. If you live at the top of a hill, you’ll need more ramping.

2. Wheelchair lifts

Otherwise known as “incline platform lifts,” these devices can help people who have trouble getting in and out of their chair or scooter.

The lift is made up of a large platform, big enough to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter. The user parks the scooter or chair on the lift, and the platform runs along the incline of the stairs along a rail that is installed into the staircase.
These platforms work better with larger staircases, because you’ll need enough space for the platform to stop at the top and bottom landings.

3. Vertical platform lifts

You may see these lifts referred to as “porch lifts.” Like incline platform lifts, these are great for people who can’t transfer themselves in or out of their chair.

But unlike a vertical platform lift, porch lifts simply rise straight up, rather than following the path of your staircase. They generally take up much less space than a wheelchair ramp, and – depending on the model you get – can allow a user to travel up to two stories.

4. Stair lifts

pennsylvania stair lift from MediTek
Image of the D160 courtesy of: www.meditekstairlifts.com

Stair lifts come in both the internal and external varieties, and are useful for people who may be able to walk but still has trouble getting up and down stairs.

Pennsylvania stair lifts run along a track that’s installed along the side of your staircase. The outdoor varieties typically come with weatherproof features. You can use an external stair lift to get in and out of your home, and an internal lift to get from floor to floor inside your house. As we’ve argued here before, adding Pennsylvania stair lifts to your residence can circumvent the need to renovate or even move out of your home.

If you think it’s time to make your home – or a family member’s home – more accessible, Pennsylvania Stair Lifts can help. We’ve spent years installing and maintain chair lifts and platform lifts for customers in Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, Lehigh and Montgomery counties.

We have lifts available for purchase or to rent, while our 6,000 square-foot fabrication facility allows us to provide you with next-day service.

Contact us today, and we can make your home an easier – and better—place to live.

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