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Health Care Professionals Recommend a PA Chair Lift

PA chair liftWhen we think of someone using a chair lift, it’s tempting to picture a person who has permanently lost their ability to make it up and down the steps.

But sometimes the need for a chair lift is just temporary. If you’ve just gotten out of the hospital, or are returning home after spending time in a rehabilitation center, it’s important to have support in place. Physical and occupational therapists know the value of renting a chair lift for your home while you’re in the midst of your recovery.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of renting a chair lift.

Lower costs

Renting a chair lift can be cost-effective. When you rent a chair lift, you won’t need to spend as much as you would if you were buying a new, permanent product.

Shopping around

Even if you are in a situation where you’ll need long-term use of a PA chair lift, renting one may allow you to test different models before making a final decision.

Helping your guests

You may not need the lift yourself, but might have a disabled family member staying with you who would otherwise be unable to access your second floor.

Reduced injury risk

You’ve been in an accident, or have just gotten surgery. It may be some time before you can walk again on your own. Crutches can help, but they also make it difficult to get up and down stairs. Renting a stair lift can help people using crutches avoid having to navigate the stairs, and thus avoid a common injury for crutch users.

Improved self-esteem

Feeling better about ourselves allows us to heal faster. Having a PA chair lift in your home can make you feel more independent and less like a burden, especially when the alternative is having to ask your loved ones for help or redesigning your home for one-floor use.

More time and energy for physical therapy

If you can give yourself a way to spend less time getting up and down the steps, you’ll have more time – and more energy – for your physical therapy sessions.

While stair lift rentals are useful, health care professionals say it’s important to find one that will provide them with the appropriate support, whether they’re renting or buying.

Among the factors to consider:

  • Does the stair lift have a flexible seatbelt, making it both safe and comfortable?
  • Is there a key switch to prevent unauthorized usage? (In other words, can you keep your kids or grandkids from taking the stair lift for a ride?)
  • Is the chair battery powered, allowing you to get up and down in case the power goes out?
  • Is it built to hold your weight?
  • Does it have a swivel seat to allow for easy landing?

At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, we know the difference a chair lift can make in your home when you’re recovering from an injury. Contact us today to learn more about your options when it comes to renting a lift. We’ll outfit your home with something safe, affordable and dependable.

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