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How a Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Can Help You

vertical platform lifts in PAIf you happen to be a regular reader of the PA Stairlifts blog, you would certainly be forgiven for assuming that the only accessibility products we offer are, well … stair lifts.

Over the past year, we’ve spoken to you about stairlift funding. We’ve written about how stair lifts can help seniors with mobility issues hang onto their hobbies. We’ve even explained how the installation of a home stair lift can benefit the other members of your family. And heck: The word “stairlift” is even one-half of our company name!

As it happens, we also sell vertical platform lifts—they’re sometimes referred to as “porch lifts” or “residential platform lifts”—and they’re manufactured by Bruno right here in the United States. Vertical platform lifts are designed for people who use wheelchairs, specifically those who aren’t able to lift themselves out of their wheelchair and into the chair that’s attached to a stairlift.

You’ve probably vertical lifts outside businesses and homes. They look like a box without a top, and after a wheelchair-bound person opens the lift’s door, rolls in, and closes the door behind them, they simply push a button, which then raises the lift if they’re going up a level, or lowers it if they’re going down.

Are you perhaps wondering if a residential platform lift might be a smart addition to your home? There are any number of reasons a platform lift might be more convenient for you and your family than a stair lift, and we’d like to share some of those reasons with you here.

No room for a ramp outside your house?

Depending on how the outside of your home is constructed, it may not be possible to install a wheelchair ramp that you or your chair-bound family member can realistically use. In many parts of the Greater Philadelphia area, row homes with small concrete stoops are situated so close to one another, and so close to the street, that the installation of a wheelchair ramp simply isn’t feasible.

Even in those instances when a home’s front entrance area is wide enough to support a ramp, that option may still be unrealistic if the home’s wheelchair-user doesn’t have the upper-body strength necessary to roll themselves up an incline. A residential platform lift can be a godsend in those instances.

Are you concerned with safety and ease of use?

Whether you’re interested in gaining access to your front porch, your backyard deck, or multiple floors inside your home, the quiet and smooth vertical platform lifts we offer are guaranteed to perform at an optimal level of safety. It’s no mistake that we only sell lifts from one manufacturer; Bruno’s products are known industry-wide as some of the very best constructed accessibility equipment in the world.

Each unit features an emergency stop switch, along with a clever feature that instantly shuts down the unit when any obstruction is touched underneath the platform. That’s a feature that could save the life of your child or your pet.

What’s more, the Bruno units operate on DC battery-powered motors that are constantly being charged. That means your vertical platform lifts will be operational even during a power outage. Now that is safety.

Do you use a scooter or powerchair instead of a wheelchair?

If you happen to use a scooter or a powerchair to get from where you are to where you need to be, you might be wondering if residential vertical platform lifts can work for you. In a word: Yes. It certainly can. The innovative Bruno platform lifts we offer are designed and constructed with scooters and powerchairs in mind.

They have a lift capacity of 750 lbs. And although they can access up to 14 feet, they don’t take up anywhere close to the amount of room you might think. That’s why we refer to our Bruno lifts as accessibility devices that require minimum space but offer maximum reach. And because our platform lifts can be installed either inside or outside your home, we also offer the option of a platform canopy. Because who wants to be rained on or snowed on when you’re simply moving from the sidewalk or driveway to your home’s entrance?

Please explore our website for further details, or contact us today for more information. You might be surprised at just how quickly, easily and affordably we can add the convenience of a residential platform lift to your life. Which, by the way, will never be the same once you’ve experienced the safety and convenience of a Bruno.

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