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What to Look for in a Stair Lift

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There are a number of reasons which might lead you to install a stair lift.

It might be something your doctor or physical therapist recommends after therapy.  It may only be for a short recuperation period, but it will make your home safer and more accessible. Whether you need to buy or rent stair lifts, we offer a variety of models to suit your needs.

Or you may find that you or a loved one needs additional assistance going from the one level of your house to another.  A stair lift can get you there safely, without risk of trips or falls.

PA Stair Lifts is a proud distributor of MediTek Stairlifts.  They offer both multi-flight and external stair lifts as well as a range of accessories.  Read on to learn more about some of the unique features of these accessibility products. It will tell you what to look for in a stair lift.

Continuous Battery Charging

The batteries constantly recharge and remain ready for use. Constant charging also preserves battery life, so your stair lift’s batteries maintain their charge longer.

Multi-Roller Carriage Unit

The more wheels your stair lift has, the smoother and more reassuring the ride. While most other brands have eight wheels, ours uses 12. These additional wheels provide a significantly more stable and comfortable glide. And our 12-roller system evenly distributes the weight of the user and allows us to offer features like our standing/perching model without sacrificing ride quality or safety.

Home Stair Lift Safety

Our stair lifts offer unparalleled safety protection. Both the carriage and the footrest are protected by pressure sensitive surfaces that bring the stair lift to a controlled halt if it encounters an obstruction on or around the stairway. You’ll also get the added protection of an over-speed governor as standard equipment.

The governor is a device that protects the lift from the risk of an uncontrolled descent. As with the air bag in your car, you don’t ever want to need it—but it’s nice to know it’s there!


Our seats are wide, comfortable and come in a variety of colors. The seats are also height-adjustable, to ensure that your stair lift is a perfect fit for you. We also offer the option of letting you stand or “perch” while riding your stair lift. That’s an adjustment we can make at no cost to you.

Footrest height is another important consideration when choosing a stair lift. Our lift has a super-low footrest height of 3” or less. Bear in mind that some stair lifts’ footrests are as high as 8” or more above floor height when parked at the bottom of the stairs, making it difficult and even dangerous to get on and off safely.


Our stair lifts include a two (2) year parts warranty and one (1) year labor warranty.

Peace of Mind

PA Stair Lift specializes in helping people stay active and mobile in their homes.  We offer both rentals and sales of new and used equipment to satisfy any budget. Rent a stair lift for a limited time, or have one installed in your home for permanent use.

No one wants to worry about getting around in their own home. If you want added safety, accessibility, and comfort, please give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form and we will be happy to assist you.

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