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Do Stair Lifts Use a Lot of Electricity (and Other Common Questions)

We’ve been providing stair lift installations for long enough now to anticipate certain questions.

Will it work if I have a curved staircase?

Do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?

Is it safe?

All reasonable questions, all of which we can answer. In this blog post, we’ll address some of the common questions we get from customers considering a stair lift installation.

Why should I install a stair lift?

There are a few significant benefits to owning a stair lift. Having one helps people with mobility issues retain their independence, as you won’t need help getting from floor to floor. It may even give you access to sections of your home that had been unreachable.

It can also make things safer, as you won’t be at risk for falling. (Falls are a leading cause of injuries and hospital and nursing home admissions among senior citizens.)

Lastly, a stair lift can help you save money. It’s far more expensive to remodel your home for single floor living – putting a bedroom or bathroom downstairs, for example – than it is to install a stair lift.

Do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?

Stair lifts typically operate in one of two ways: using the controls on the armrest – which are similar to a video game controller – or with a remote control.

In either case, your stair lift needs your home’s power supply to do its job. But do stair lifts use a lot of electricity? Not so much that you’ll notice an uptick in your energy bills.

That’s because your lift uses electricity to power its batteries, which do the actual work of moving the stair lift from floor to floor.

Once the batteries have been recharged, the flow of electricity shuts off, meaning your stair lift won’t draw power in standby mode the way other appliances do.

What if I only need a stair lift for a month or so?

A stair lift installation doesn’t have to be permanent. Many people only need them in the short term, often because they’re recovering from surgery or an injury, or expecting an extended visit from someone who has trouble with stairs.

Stair lift rentals are perfect for people in these situations. Many providers allow you to rent a stair lift on a month-to-month basis. When that time is done, they’ll uninstall the lift with almost zero sign it was ever there.

What if I have a curved staircase?

There’s more than one type of staircase and more than one type of stair lift. We carry lifts that are designed for straight staircases, as well as stair lifts that can handle curved staircases or steps that have more than one landing.

What kind of safety features do stair lifts offer?

A good stair lift will come with a swivel seat that allows users to get on and off the stair lift on the landing, rather than while standing on the steps. Another safety feature to look for: an obstruction sensor, which will stop the lift if any objects are in its path.

If you have questions about stair lifts that we haven’t addressed here, don’t worry. Pennsylvania Stairlifts is ready to provide the answers.

Check out our FAQ page, or just contact us to speak to our sales team. We’ll be happy to address any of your concerns or questions and get you started on your stair lift installation.

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