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What are the Benefits of Stair Lifts for Wheelchairs?

wheelchair stairlift

Twenty years out from the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the world still isn’t always kind to wheelchair users.

Just ask anyone who’s visited a supposedly “accessible” business only to find a step at the front door or a narrow entryway.

That’s why it’s crucial that people who use wheelchairs feel safe and comfortable at home, and why stair lifts for wheelchair users are so valuable.

Read on to learn some of the benefits of a wheelchair stair lift.

1. It makes you more independent

One of the leading drivers causing older people or people with disabilities to move to assisted living facilities is their inability to get around their home.

Even if a wheelchair allows you to move from room to room with ease, your staircase may present a challenge, or render parts of your home completely off-limits.

But for someone who uses a wheelchair, stair lifts can be a game changer, giving you access to every part of your home without having to rely on others.

Stair lifts can also help people with anxiety attacks when they use the steps, allowing them to go from floor to floor with the push of a button from the security of their lift’s seat.

And if you need help getting in and out of your home, a wheelchair platform lift can assist you in places where a wheelchair ramp isn’t feasible.

2. They aren’t for just one type of staircase

No matter what kind of steps you have, there’s a stair lift for you. Whether your staircase is curved, straight or has multiple landings, your stairlift installer will have something to fit your home.

3. They make you safer

Many seniors who suffer falls at home are already using wheelchairs to move around. But a stair lift for wheelchair users can help prevent falls by taking the need to get up and down steps on your own out of the equation.

Keep in mind that falls are one of the leading causes of injuries among seniors and wheelchair users alike. We recommend reading our previous blog post on ways to prevent falls at home.

4. They’ll help you save money

People are living longer than ever, with more than 35 million Americans over the age of 65. And as we’ve mentioned time and again, most of these people want to age in place, meaning that they want to live out their lives at home if at all possible.

But to make that happen might require some significant changes. If you can’t get upstairs to your bedroom, you might need to add or remodel a room downstairs.

If your shower is on the second story, you might need to expand a ground floor powder room to turn it into your main bathroom. Those kind of home renovations can be costly. Installing a stair lift is much more cost effective.

Investing in a wheelchair stair lift or wheelchair platform lift can make life easier and safer for wheelchair users.

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts is proud of the work we’ve done to help people feel more at home in their homes. From stair lifts for indoor use to outdoor wheelchair platform lifts, our team can transform your house and hopefully, your life. Contact us today to learn more.

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