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Improving Home Accessibility with a Stairlift in New Jersey

Stairs can not only become difficult to navigate as you age, but they can also become dangerous. Physical challenges such as limited mobility, lack of stability, or weakened muscles can make your stairs a daily hassle. If you have been experiencing these challenges, you might have considered downsizing your home to a single level or possibly moving into a retirement home. These are costly and often emotional options.

The installation of a stairlift in New Jersey homes offers you a cost-effective and quick solution to safely staying in the home you love. One of the most significant benefits of installing a stairlift in New Jersey homes is how much safer it will be for you to access all areas of your house. With a motorized chair, you safely ride up the lift from floor to floor and avoid climbing stairs.

The Types of Stairlift in New Jersey Available

Depending on the architecture or design of your home, you can purchase an already assembled stairlift in New Jersey, or you can have one custom built to meet your needs. These are some of the styles of stairlifts to consider.

Vertical Platform

The vertical platform stairlift, sometimes referred to as the porch lift, will allow you to reach different levels in your home if you use a scooter, power chair, or wheelchair. This lift will make it possible to easily exit or enter your home even there are stairs from your garage or porch. The stairlift in New Jersey can even provide you barrier-free access to your basement or deck.

External Stairlift

An external stairlift can be used outside your home as they are prefinished in a weather-resistant coating. These lifts continue to look pristine even after exposure to different weather elements. This lift can help you reach the lower portion of your property if your home is built up on a hill or is at a higher elevation than your yard’s lower area.

Multi-Flight Stairlift

A multi-flight stairlift in New Jersey is designed for a straight staircase with an intermediate landing or a top overrun. This style of lift covers the gap between a curved stairlift and a straight lift.

Stand & Perch Lift

If you have problems with your hips and bending is uncomfortable, the stand & perch lift could be your solution. This style allows you to step onto the lift, lean against the padded back, and smoothly navigate up and down your stairs.

Stairlift in New Jersey as a Rental

There are situations where renting a stairlift in New Jersey is more practical than buying a new one. If you are looking at a temporary disability such as a recovery from an injury, you may find it more cost-effective to rent a lift. Stairlift in New Jersey is possible on a month-to-month basis. If you are unsure how long your recovery time will last, you might want to look into the ‘pay as you go’ option.

Anytime you use a rental stairlift, make sure it has undergone a rigorous, comprehensive inspection to ensure the unit is safe and of high-quality. When dealing with a reputable stairlift in New Jersey dealer, you should have no concerns.

If you need a stairlift in New Jersey, call Pennsylvania Stairlifts. We specialize in stairlifts and offer only top-quality products. We are experts in the industry with years of experience in selling and installing stairlifts. From your first call to our office and every step through the process of installing and maintaining your stairlift in New Jersey, Pennsylvania Stairlifts will provide excellent service with a quality product.

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