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Stairlifts in New Jersey: Find the right option for you!

Physically disabling factors whether from an accident, medical procedure, or the natural aging process can threaten a person’s independence. Finding ways to acquire and maintain an independent lifestyle is a key factor in happiness. Stairlifts, which are battery-powered chairs mounted on stair rails, help in promoting independence by providing a safe and reliable solution to access upper and lower levels of structures and the outdoors in residential and commercial facilities. Installed along the length of an existing stair system, stairlifts work like elevators only that the movement is facilitated on a rail system. Below is a guide that will help you choose reliable and functional stairlifts in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Stairlifts in New Jersey

Types of Stairlift Options

While looking for the right stairlifts in New Jersey, your needs come first. With a different range of stair models from straight flight stairs, outdoor stairs, to stairs that feature bends, corners, and multiple stories, your needs will help identify the best stairlift for your home. With our custom features, we understand that stairlifts not only need to be functional but should also fit in your life. We give you the option to get woven upholstery with dark or light wood trims. We offer a wide variety of stairlift options for indoor and outdoor use. The most common options from our store include:

Folding Hinge

In most cases, the rail usually extends beyond the bottom of the staircase, oftentimes to an area that receives a lot of foot traction. This presents tripping hazards to other residents. To solve this, you can select the automatic or manual rail option that enables the rail to fold out of the way. Alternatively, you can place a plant in front of the rail so that other people will see the pant and the rail.

Multi-Flight Stairlifts

Multi-flight stairlifts are ideal for both straight and curved staircases with an intermediate landing overrun. Rather than buying a stairlift for each type of staircase, this multi-flight option will bridge the gap in the cost

Powered/Manual Swivel Seat

The swivel option allows the rider to get off from the seat safely. You can have the manual or powered option based on your needs. If the manual system proves difficult to use, we have a powered swivel option that allows you to face away from the stairs by using a remote or hand control.

Vertical Platform Lift

The vertical platform lift (porch lift) gives persons using scooters and wheelchairs access to homes, raised decks or porches. It is an ideal option in commercial setups that require an ideal solution of stairlifts in New Jersey. Porch lifts offer a barrier-free alternative to inclines when space is limited or when the vertical distance is only a few feet.

External Stairlifts

For outdoor use of stairlifts in New Jersey, there are external stairlift options that come in a prefinished form with a water-resistant coat to help retain its aesthetic beauty even when subjected to the hash environmental conditions. The external stairlifts are ideal for both residential and commercial use to allow people with mobility difficulties to appreciate the beauty of New Jersey’s outdoors rather than staying in the house all day.

Stairlift Rentals

Stairlifts are an excellent investment for homeowners with permanent residence. However, unless one is facing permanent mobility challenges, stairlifts may be obtained on a temporary basis. Temporary stairlift rentals are a solution for New Jersey residents to use after an injury or surgery. Renting a temporary stairlifts in New Jersey is an attractive option due to the initial down payments and low mobility rental payments options available.

Choose the Right Stairlifts

At Pennsylvania Stair Lift Inc., we have an extensive range of stairlift systems to meet your daily usage needs of stairlifts in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. All our stairlift systems are ISO9001 certified meaning they are safe for use in any circumstance. When choosing the right stairlifts in New Jersey, our advisors will tour your home and provide the best solution. Contact us today for a new, used, or custom-made stairlifts in New Jersey that fit your needs, budget, and staircase layout.

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