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Is There a Difference Between a Stair Lift and a Chair Lift and a Lift Chair?

Senior Woman on stair Lift

The English language has a lot of terms that tend to get used interchangeably, like “sofa” and “couch” or “dinner” and “supper.”

We’ll add to the list “chair lift” and “stair lift.” Depending on who you ask, these are either two very different devices or two ways of describing the same thing. In this blog post, we’ll investigate the difference between a stair lift and a chair lift.

Is there a difference between a stair lift and a chair lift?

Bruno Vertical Platform LiftWe’ve seen it put this way:

A stair lift has a seat and allows you to move from floor to floor on a track that rides up the stairs, while a chair lift has a platform designed to lift a wheelchair user while they’re still in their chair.

We’ve also seen the two terms used interchangeably. (For the record, what some people call a chair lift we refer to as a “platform lift.”)

Lift ChairOk, so what is a lift chair?

A lift chair is a completely different device from a stair lift or chair lift. It’s a medical device that looks like a traditional recliner, but with a powerful lift system beneath the chair to help users stand and protect them from losing their balance.

What should I look for in a chair lift?

Whether you call it a stair lift or a chair lift, it’s important to look for features that ensure a safe, comfortable journey up and down your steps.

1. Continuous battery charging

Your stair lift should come with continuous battery charging, meaning that the lift is always ready for use and the battery’s charge and overall life lasts longer.

2. Multi-roller carriage unit

The more wheels on your lift, the smoother the ride. We sell MediTek Stair Lifts, which use 12 wheels instead of the standard eight. These extra wheels offer substantially more stability and a more comfortable glider, evenly distributing the weight of the user.

The 12-roller system allows us to provide features like the standing/perching lift model without sacrificing user comfort or safety.

3. Safety

We sell lifts that offer an unmatched level of protection. Both the footrest and the carriage feature pressure sensitive surfaces that initiate a controlled halt if the lift encounters an obstruction on or near the staircase.

These lifts also feature an over-speed governor, a device that protects the lift from the risk of an uncontrolled descent. Think of it like the airbag in a car: you don’t want to need it, but you do want to know that it’s there.

4. Comfort

Meditek Stair LiftOur stair lift seats are wide, comfortable and available in a range of different colors. Users can adjust the seats to ensure the lift is a perfect fit for them. (And as we mentioned earlier, standing or perch-style lifts are also an option.)

Our lifts come with a low footrest, making it easy to get in and out safely. Many stair lift models have footrests that are eight inches off the ground – compared to our three – which can be dangerous when exiting or entering the lift.

Whether you call it a stair lift or a chair lift, Pennsylvania Stairlifts has the product you need to help you or your loved ones get around the house safely. Contact us today to learn more about an installation.

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