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Elevate Your Outdoor Living with an External Stairlift

If you have a porch or deck attached to your home, you know how enjoyable it can be to spend time outside… especially with spring right around the corner! However, if you or a loved one has mobility issues, getting up and down the deck stairs can sometimes be a challenging and dangerous experience. Fortunately, an external stairlift from PA Stair Lifts can provide a safe and convenient solution for accessing your outdoor living space.

What is an external stairlift?

An external stairlift is a highly effective mechanical device designed to assist people with mobility issues by providing safe and reliable transportation up and down outdoor stairways. For example, our MediTek External Stairlift is one platform that moves up and down on a vertical track or guide rails. With its pre-finished, weather-resistant coating, our outdoor stairlifts are expertly designed to maintain their pristine look and last even in the harshest outdoor conditions. These stair lifts have been installed worldwide and are trusted for their reliability, with a proven track record in a variety of locations, from the Swiss Alps to the citrus gardens of Israel.

Benefits of an outdoor stairlift

  1. Safety: Climbing stairs can be hazardous. A stairlift can provide a safe and secure alternative, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.
  2. Accessibility: A porch lift or deck lift can make your outdoor living space accessible to everyone, regardless of their limitations. It can be particularly useful for people who use wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers.
  3. Convenience: With an external stairlift, you no longer have to worry about the hassle and discomfort of walking up stairs. You can enjoy your outdoor space more frequently and with greater ease.
  4. Ease of installation: Stairlifts can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your home. These lifts are highly customizable and created for easy removal in the event that they are no longer needed.

Types of external stairlifts

There are 2 main types of outdoor lifts available, and the right one for you depends on your needs and home layout.

  1. Outdoor curved stairlift: If you’re looking for an outdoor stairlift that can withstand any weather condition and mold to the unique landscape your home has – Bruno’s Elite Curved Outdoor Stair Lift is the perfect solution for you. With its custom-crafted design that precisely follows the angles of your stairs, it offers a safe ride. Enjoy the outdoors all year round with its weather-protected design that ensures top-notch performance in any condition.
  2. Outdoor straight stairlift: With its sturdy construction, the Elite Outdoor Stairlift gives you the freedom to safely enjoy each season outdoors. This option provides a reliable and smooth ride, whether you need assistance up porch stairs or down steps to the pier. Don’t let stairs limit your experience.

Final thoughts

Overall, an external stairlift can be an excellent investment for your home. Gain outdoor freedom without risk with our lifts. At PA Stair Lifts, we specialize in stair lifts and can deliver expert advice and guidance. Contact us today to learn more about our lifts, and how they can enhance your quality of life.

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