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Ways to Prevent In-Home Falls

Falls are a mark of frailty and chronic health issues in the elderly. Problems with balance and age-related muscle mass loss are the main causes. About one in four adults (28%) aged 65 and older report falling annually which means 36 million falls every year. These have severe physical consequences like fractures that ultimately lead to a disruption in the daily routine and major financial burdens. Other common injuries are broken bones in the wrist, arm or ankle and head wounds that require medical attention.

Falls make it hard to get around independently. The emotional effects of a collapse are anxiety, depression and loss of confidence. But there are plenty of ways to make sure in-home falls are at a minimum. Have a look at how PA Stairlifts, located in Pennsylvania can help.

Stair Lifts

Install a stairlift if you have been prone to frequent falls or tripping when walking on a flat surface or have been injured previously. Pick new ones, used ones or simply consider renting the one that best suits your needs and budget. The global stairlift market size is expected to grow 6.1% between 2019 and 2027 due to rising cases of osteoarthritis and lifestyle disorders like obesity. They are also an excellent solution for disabled senior citizens who may otherwise fall in case they have to take the stairs. The good news is; stairlifts are quite safe and reduce the risks of injuries.

Get Mobility Aids

Canes, crutches and walkers are a must for fall prevention. They ensure smooth and steady movement along with ensuring extra stability. You may look for wheeled options for more confidence and increased independence. These assistive aids may help to better your walking pattern as well and improve your overall balance. In fact, these are known to alleviate joint and similar pains, as well as compensate for any kind of injury or weakness.

Eliminate Home Hazards

Carpeting, cork, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, hardwood, bamboo and laminate are the best flooring options for elder adults. You may also replace your usual floor with a special impact-absorbing one. Here are some other tips to ensure your safety:

  • Remove slippery rugs, wires and small furniture.
  • Try to install bright lighting for safe navigation.
  • Make the bathroom and the surrounding areas non-slip.
  • Add railing near the stairs and balconies.

You can consider installing handrails and suction grab bars too. Purchase slip-resistance slippers are a great option for seniors to live in a stress-free movement at home.

Exercise Well

Workouts can strengthen your muscles and boost flexibility. Body mechanics are also refined which are quite critical to minimize the chances of tumbling over. In fact, research has found that exercising can reduce fall rates by 23%. Enroll in a well-designed program or simply look up online for older-friendly warm-ups to stay safe and steady.

Devices like stairlifts are the easiest ways to protect seniors. They are less likely to feel like a burden and help those to move around freely. These can also be used by pets and children which ensures maximum value for every penny spent.

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