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Resources for Older Adults

pre-owned stairlift installationIf you’re someone who has recently entered the so-called “sunset years” of life, you’re aware that growing older comes with its fair share of both positive and negative attributes.

Maybe you’ve managed to comfortably retire, and are now spending your days traveling, or playing with your grandchildren. There’s no denying the fact that the last decades of life, under the right circumstances, can be some of your very best.

But growing older can also be a struggle. This is the time of life when our bodies and our minds begin to rebel against the many years of hard labor we’ve put them through. The result can be very serious pain, and sometimes an inability to properly take care of ourselves, even in the most basic of ways.

Those of us here at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts proudly work to improve the quality of everyday safety for seniors every day. And while having a stair lift temporarily or permanently installed in your home, or in the home of a loved one, can have an enormous impact, we’d also like to share a few useful resources for seniors you may not be aware of. Keep reading to discover quality of life improvement suggestions from the National Institute on Aging and other federal and community organizations.

Aging Services in Bucks County and MontCo

The Bucks County Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is a Doylestown-based organization responsible for a variety of programs and services that assist older area adults and their loved ones. More specifically, AAA works to help older Bucks residents maintain independence in their homes and communities. Visit the AAA website to see if you or a loved one qualify for home-delivered meals, adult daycare, or health insurance counseling, to name just a few of the 20 programs on offer. AAA can also help you apply for the pharmaceutical assistance program known as PACE.

The Montgomery County Office of Aging and Adult Services (MCAAS) offers a similar menu of programs for residents over 60. The MCAAS mission involves “assist[ing] older adults in safely remaining in the homes as long as possible.” Services available to eligible seniors include light housekeeping, assistance in applying for public benefit programs, access to the Meals on Wheels program, and help in accessing mental and behavioral health services.

Products to Make Your Life Easier

It’s natural that everyday tasks become more of a challenge as we age. Taking a trip to the bank, buying your weekly groceries, or even turning a door knob can become an exercise in frustration for many seniors. At the website of ElderStore (elderstore.com) you’ll find a wide range of products specifically designed to solve many of the problems that come with aging.

The real brilliance of the products offered at the ElderStore site is that most are designed to facilitate independent living. That makes them ideal for seniors who either don’t have anyone to help them complete life’s daily tasks, or who simply prefer to live independently. You’ll find everything from dressing aids and dining aids to bathing and bedside aids on the website. Special toileting and incontinence products are also available. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our stair lift rentals and installations.

A Wealth of Aging Information

Speaking of websites, the website of the National Institute on Aging is home to a wealth of information designed to make seniors’ lives more manageable, more enjoyable, and all around easier. You’ll find a great deal of research-based resources related to aging, for instance, such as information about clinical trials looking for participants. The website’s publications page, meanwhile, offers downloadable brochures of the sort you’d except to find in the lobby of a doctor’s office, with detailed information on everything from Alzheimer’s to women’s health.

Regain Your Mobility with a New or Used Stair Lift

After being in the stair lift business for as long as we have, you get to know a thing or two about safety for seniors and the mobility issues that come along with aging. If you live in a home with stairs and have found yourself increasingly unable to travel between floors, it may be time to consider having a stair lift rental installed.

We offer both new and pre-owned stair lifts; we even offer stair lift rentals. If you’re not sure which option makes the most sense for your unique situation, please feel free to get in touch with us today. You’ll also find a good deal of information about the various stairlifts we offer right here on our blog.

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