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Why You Should Have a Stair Lift Chair in Your Philadelphia Home

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Stairs can become challenging, and even dangerous as you age. Mobility can be limited as you lose muscle tone and your balance becomes compromised. These physical limitations make your stairs a daily hassle to navigate, and you will eventually have to stop using them.

When you can no longer use your stairs, you may feel it’s time to start downsizing and moving to a one-level house, or you may think it’s necessary to move into an assisted living facility. These options should not be your only choices. Having a stair lift chair installed in your home will allow you to safely stay in your home.

Benefits of Stairlift Installation in Your Philadelphia Home

Senior woman walking down stairsThere are a number of benefits to installing a stair lift chair in your home, but the most significant one is it will prevent you from injuring yourself. The risk of an injury at home when you attempt to climb stairs when you are physically challenged is very high. Missing even one step while going up or down can result in a broken leg, hip, or other serious injuries.

Stair Lift Chair is Easy to Operate

A stair lift chair is one of the best accessibility solutions and is very easy to operate. To use the device, you simply sit on the seat, place the seatbelt on, and press the rocker switch, located on the arm of the chair. As you hold down the rocker, the stair lift chair will take you up or down depending on which direction you need to go.

Most stair lift chair units have two keyed remotes which are very helpful if you have more than one person using the lift. If you are at the bottom landing and need the chair which is upstairs, you can push the button and the chair will come down to where you need it.

Stair Lift Chair Can Be Short-Term Solution

Woman on Stair Lift ChairMost stair lift chair units are installed for senior care. These units can also be a significant benefit if you are recovering from an injury. Having a stair lift chair will allow you to heal safely if your injury is making it difficult to navigate the stairs in your home. There are also stair lift chair rentals you could consider if you will only need assistance for a few months.

Stair Lift Chair Will Allow You to Stay in Your Home

Having a stair lift chair installed will allow you to stay in the home you love. A study conducted by AARP showed more than ninety percent of seniors would prefer to stay in their homes than live in a senior community. With a stair lift chair, you have the option of continuing to live in the home you love safely with the ability to still reaching the upper levels.

Different Types of Stair Lift Chair Units

Stand and Perch StairliftThere are several different types of stair lift units, and one is sure to meet your needs. These accessibility solutions can work for you outside and in your home:

  • Inside Chair Lifts
  • Multi-flight lifts for a straight staircase
  • Folding hinge track unit for when you need a unit with a track that ends by door or hallway
  • The manual or powered swivel seat can be maneuvered to forty-five or eighty-five-degree positions
  • Stand & Perch allows you to stand while using the lift
  • Seat footrest link if you have trouble bending down will allow you to lift the footrest with the seat
  • There are also external lift chair units are constructed to withstand the outdoor elements as well as vertical platform lifts that are able to accommodate wheelchairs.

Where to Find the Stair Lift Chair To Meet Your Needs

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts specializes in stair lifts and are experts in the industry. We are here to help you from the first call you make asking questions to the full installation of the unit. Our specialized team members can answer any questions you have and will help you find the right unit for your needs. We will also perform the installation and will provide all routine maintenance, and removal of the lift when it is no longer needed.

Don’t risk an injury, schedule an appointment to learn how a Pennsylvania Stair Life can improve your quality of life.

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