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Spring in Philadelphia - cherry trees, skyscrapers

Spring into action in getting your lift chair in Philadelphia!

With spring around the corner, we’re eager to break out of winter hibernation. Like many, we at PA Stair Lifts enjoy spending time outside in the warmer weather. As the snow melts away and spring flowers peek out of garden beds we’re reminded that it isn’t always easy for those with limited mobility to enjoy the outdoors.

Philadelphia is home to many beautiful parks and spaces for outdoor recreation. Some are more mobility friendly than others. While community spaces are fun, those with physical limitations may struggle just to get out of their homes or access their own gardens.

ICurved Stair Liftt is good news that lift chairs can be adapted to any type of staircase. From straight to curved, there is a solution for every type of Philadelphia home. Lift chairs can even be added to spiral staircases, multi-level stairs, those that change direction, or have an intermediate landing. Our goal is to increase accessibility to all spaces in Philadelphia homes.

But, what about the outdoors?

Outdoor lift chairs are one of many outdoor solutions that can allow people with limited mobility to enjoy nature.

Meditek external stair liftThere are two main options for outdoor mobility support: a stair lift or a platform lift. Stair lifts, like the MediTek External Lift Chair, are a great way to make outdoor spaces more accessible. With a weather-resistant coating, they can maintain a pristine look and finish instead of showing outdoor wear and tear. Protected from freezing temperatures, rain, and UV rays, these lift chairs are a great option for Philadelphia homes. Vertical platform lifts, also called porch lifts, are a good addition for those bound to a wheelchair or scooter. These can easily be installed outside of your Philadelphia home. Our Bruno vertical platform lifts are made in the USA and are able to accommodate heights of up to 14 feet.

Bruno Vertical Platform LiftVertical platform lifts and stair lifts are good outdoor options where a ramp may not be appropriate. With fewer accessibility restrictions they can accommodate many spaces that ramps cannot.

Both outdoor lift chairs and vertical platform lifts are easy to operate. With simple, button-push, controls mobility can easily be restored for those wishing to access outdoor spaces.

While the process of getting outside can be hard, so too can outdoor activities. Here are three accommodations to consider to make your outdoor spaces more accessible.

Raised Garden BedRaised garden beds.

Consider building raised garden beds to make flower and vegetable patches easier to reach. 24 inches is best for those in a seated position.

Increase seating.

Add chairs or benches to outdoor spaces to allow those with mobility limitations to take a rest when needed.

Smooth walking paths.

Clear overhanging plants and smooth out walking spaces to limit the risks of falls or make it easier for those in wheelchairs or scooters. If possible, increase walking path space to 42 inches for maximum wheelchair-friendliness.

Spring, in Philadelphia, is a beautiful time of year. Add a lift chair to your home to increase the ease of access for those with limited mobility.

If you’re interested in learning what option may be best for your Philadelphia home, contact our team at PA Stair Lift. We’ve spent years building solutions for Philadelphia residents and are happy to help!

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