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Installing a Stair Lift on Curved Staircases

Stair lift installationcurved staircase stair lift installation is easy when staircases are easy. A staircase that goes straight from point A to point B requires far less work than a curved staircase.

That doesn’t mean curved stair lifts are impossible. While they present a challenge, they can be done.

Curved stairways – or staircases that have any sort of irregular design – are more expensive to work with. That’s because no two curved staircases are the same, which means you’ll need a custom stair lift.

Curved stair lifts can be used on several different types of stairs:

  • Spiral staircases
  • Multi-level staircases
  • Stairs with an intermediate landing
  • Stairs that curve or change direction

Curved stair lifts always require a custom installation. The track the stair lift runs along needs to be bent to the appropriate angle. It’s precise work, so precise that homeowners should not attempt to install a curved stair lift themselves.

Putting together a curved stair lift is a complex process. In a video on its website, the Bruno stair lift company describes the steps involved. Installers take pictures of a customer’s home, the engineering department lays out a path for the stair lift based on those pictures, and then a designer creates the lift before it heads to the manufacturing floor.

This can be costlier than a straight stair lift installation, but as we’ve argued before, there are many benefits to having a stair lift in your home:

  • It gives you extra piece of mind. You won’t need to worry about having to move in with your children or into an assisted living facility.
  • You’ll have to spend money on stair lift installation, but you’ll also save money. Being less mobile might require you to hire cleaners or home healthcare workers. Having a stair lift eliminates that concern.
  • A stair lift lets you keep your home intact. People restricted to living on one floor often need to convert their living spaces, turning downstairs rooms into bedrooms or adding extra bathrooms.

If you’re interested in having a stair lift installed, contact Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. Our team is ready to find the best option for your home, no matter the shape of your stair case.

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