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How Much Does A Stairlift Cost?

Stairlift CostA stairlift is becoming one of the most popular solutions for those who have found negotiating stairs a challenge or an impossibility. There are many features offered with stairlifts depending on your needs, and the different elements will factor in the stairlift cost.

Suppose you suffer from mobility issues, whether due to your age, or perhaps a disability, it may be frightening to climb stairs. Stairways can pose a danger to you physically if you have become unstable or find stairs to exerting to climb. Stairlifts are your answer to safely reaching the second level of your home. With a stairlift, you can remain in your home to receive the care you need, and avoid having to enter a nursing care facility.

What Features Effect the Stairlift Cost?

A standard stairlift generally features a folding seat, footrests, and folding armrests. Figured into the standard stairlift cost is also easy to use buttons attached to the chair, so they are within reach and access. Most standard models also include portable remotes in the stairlift cost. These remotes are located at the top and bottom of your staircase, so you can easily retrieve the chair.

Batteries can play a role in the stairlift cost if you choose a battery-operated one versus the electric model. Most people are now choosing the battery-powered models over the AC ones as they eliminate the risk of losing operation of the stairlift during a power outage. The batteries typically last up to three years, depending on how much you will use the lift, so this choice does not significantly impact the stairlift cost.

The initial stairlift cost will include buying the model you chose, the installation of the lift, and any licensing and permit fees. PA Stair Lifts will never hide any cost involved in the purchase and installation of your stairlift. We have an extensive range of lifts for you to choose from, ranging from new all the way to the used stairlifts.

Factors Which Effect the Stairlift Cost

One of the factors you will find that effects your stairlift cost is the shape of your stairs. Some staircases are curved, others are straight, and some turn at the landing. The design of your staircase will impact the stairlift cost as well as the model you choose.

Different models will impact the cost, such as the economy will be at a lower price. There are also premium and heavy-duty stairlifts that will have varying costs due to the cost of manufacturing them from different materials. Other factors impacting stairlift cost are choosing a new model, a used one, or deciding to rent a unit.

Other factors considered in the cost of a stairlift is where you install the unit and the model you pick. A straight lift is less expensive, and the heavy-duty, premium and outdoor lifts models will cost you more. The curved lift is more expensive than the straight as these lifts are required to be custom-built to fit your staircase. A curved staircase is always unique to a house, and therefore, the lift will have to be built to fit.

If you choose to have an outdoor stairlift, it will depend on whether it is straight or curved. These models are more substantial as they will be expected to deal with weather conditions, so they will have a higher price than the indoor models. The outdoor stairlift is an excellent way for you to reach a raised deck or porch. These lifts work great in yards that include a small hill or incline.

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, INC. can provide you with the full-service installation of a stairlift. We will work with you from the initial phone call all the way through the installation and stay with you to provide routine maintenance on your stairlift. We are here to help you make an informed decision as to which lift will give you the best benefits for your budget.

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