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How To Choose A Home Stair Lift

Home Stair Lift Near MeWhen making the decision to purchase a home stair lift, you want to choose one that meets your budget and needs. These are some tips to follow from some top-rated companies that make it easier for you to decide on how to find a home stair lift near me.

The Types of Home Stair Lifts

There are two types of home stair lifts. The choice is generally between the curved or the straight stair lift. Which one will work for you depends on the type of staircase you have in your home.

The straight stair lift will travel up your staircase in a straight line without any interruptions for curves, bends, or landings. The curved stair lift is a bit more elaborate as it can go around corners,  and go around bends.

How Will the Home Stair Mount?

Home stair lifts mount to your stair treads. These lifts are not mounted to the wall, so they are sturdy and can be installed in almost any home. If you are a person with a larger build, you can choose a heavy-duty lift that will offer you a wider seat so you fit more comfortably. If you are tall, you may want to consider one with the option to raise the seat when it is installed.

Features of Home Stair Lifts

Most of the home stair lifts on the market today include footplates, armrests, and seats. The chairs on most stair lifts swivel, so you can get on and off easier and more safely.

Other features of the standard home stair lift include braking systems, seat belts, push-button or rocker-switch controls, footrest sensors, and call-send controls. The call-send control will allow you to send the unit to the other end of the stairs, or call it to come to where you need it. These features become quite important during the use of the lift. When shopping for your stair lift, you should look for as many of these features as possible.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Home Stair

A home stair lift is an ideal solution for a family member, patient, or yourself if you have difficulty managing stairs. It can become very challenging if you’ve suffered an accident. For seniors, falling down the stairs can cause serious injury & trauma. When you set out to purchase a home chair lift, there are several factors to consider.

  • Mobility

    • One of the main considerations when choosing a home stair lift is your level of mobility. This factor will determine if it is a safe solution for your needs. When you discuss your needs with Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, you should include your level of mobility to ensure the right lift is chosen.
  • Staircase Design

    • The design of your staircase is a significant factor in choosing the right home stair lift. If your stairs are straight, you can choose the straight staircase model as it will have standardized rails. This model will also be quicker to install.
    • If your staircase is curved, you may need to have your home stair lift custom built to match the bends and curves in your lift.
    • Another consideration on staircase design is whether or not you have a landing on your stairs. Depending on the mobility of the user, it may be more practical to install two separate lifts. If mobility is an issue, you may not want to get on and off, so a single lift from top to bottom may work better. Pennsylvania Stair Lifts has the experience to help you choose the right lift to meet your needs.
  •  Budget

    • You will want to discuss with your representative how much the home stair lift is going to cost. When you learn the cost of the model, remember to compare it to the cost of having to sell your home, build a single-story home, or move into an assisted living development.
  • Weight Capacity/Seat Size

    • Most home stair lifts have a weight capacity of three-hundred pounds. Some models will hold more than this weight but will require more space to be installed.
  • Optional Features

    • Make sure that when choosing your home stair lift, you consider all optional features mentioned above. Most of these features make your stair lift more comfortable and safer to use.

Where to Buy a Home Stair Lift ?

If you are looking to buy a home stair lift, call Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. We offer specialized services to help you shop and install a home stair lift in your home. Work with our experts to find the perfect solution for your needs. We have extensive knowledge in this field and will sell you only the best-manufactured stair lift available.

Finding a home stair lift is as easy as making a call. Contact Pennsylvania Stair Lifts today to find the best possible stair lift for your home.

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