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Used Stair Lifts in Philadelphia: what option works for you?

There are numerous motivations for purchasing or renting a stair lift. You may be facing permanent mobility issues or need a temporary stair for your home. Pennsylvania Stair Lifts offer new and used stair lifts for purchase or rent. While a new stair lift allows you to get the exact model you prefer, refurbished, or used stair lifts in Philadelphia are a cost-saving, but effective, solution for your mobility challenges.

What to Consider in Used Stair Lifts in Philadelphia

Typically, used stair lifts in Philadelphia make it a more feasible solution to those who are budget conscious. We can find a solution that works for your financial goals. Factors such as year, model, and manufacturer impact cost.

When you buy used stair lifts in Philadelphia, it is important to go through a reputable provider, such as Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. Going through an industry expert will ensure you are getting a unit that has been refurbished and thoroughly inspected before being installed in your home.

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts puts all their used stair lifts through a rigorous and comprehensive inspection. Used stair lifts purchased through us are quality assured and reliable units. Used stair lifts in Philadelphia, purchased through Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, comes with a one-year warranty on labor and parts. Your safety and comfort are our top priority! To ensure you’re protected we offer maintenance plans for both new and used models.

PA Stairlifts carries several varieties of used stair lifts

Why You Should Not Purchase Used Stair Lifts in Philadelphia From Private Owners

Purchasing a used stair lift from a private owner can be risky! Even in Philadelphia. You never know what you’re going to get, how it’s been cared for, or if it’s been maintained. Pennsylvania Stair Lifts offers maintenance plans to ensure that you can rest easy. Having peace of mind, and a safe stair lift, is important.

You may not always know why someone is selling their stair lift. Some issues aren’t apparent until the used stair lift has been installed and you attempt to use it. If a problem occurs, it will be at your cost and your responsibility to repair the unit as private sellers seldom stand behind their sales.

If you have decided it’s time to purchase a stair lift to meet your permanent or short-term needs let us help you come up with the right solution. We can help you find a safe unit that you’re your budget, needs, and home.

Used stair lifts are a great options for Philadelphia residents. There are many on the market that are almost brand new! Our team can help with hassle-free installation, maintenance, and removal.

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts has experienced and knowledgeable technicians waiting to help you decide if you should purchase a new stair lift, a used model, or if renting one will better meet your needs. Our specialty is stair lifts We are ready to offer you a hassle-free full-service experience.

Contact Pennsylvania Stair Lifts today, and we will help you find the right model to meet your needs at the right price.


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