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wheelchair lift by stairs in public building

Why You Need a Vertical Stairlift in Pennsylvania

If you have mobility limitations, getting around in public is hard enough – you don’t want to face the same obstacles in moving around your own home. During the summer months in particular, outdoor stairs may pose difficulties in spending time with loved ones on the porch or in the yard. If these problems sound familiar, a vertical platform lift may be the solution for you.

Wheel chair elevator mounted to wall

A vertical platform lift is able to transport wheelchair-bound individuals or disabled persons up and down stairs safely. The vertical stairlift is easy to use, as you simply wheel your wheelchair onto the platform of the lift, and with a push of a button, the platform will either raise or lower depending on the direction you need to go.

The vertical stairlift will transport you from one floor to the next, or if you need it outside, you can access your porch easily. Typically the vertical stairlift is self-operated and is referred to as:

  • Wheelchair porch lift
  • Step lift
  • Wheelchair lift
  • Accessibility lift
  • Wheelchair elevator
  • Vertical platform lifts

These stairlifts come in two forms; the inclined and the vertical lift.

platform lift in public building

Inclined Lifts vs Vertical Lifts

An inclined lift is similar to the stair lift and is able to extend up to 164 feet. It typically doesn’t have a chair attached to it as it is designed to accommodate wheelchairs. The platform is secured to a track that allows the platform to move up and down a stair area. This type of stair lift will need at least 36 inches of space, so it will not work well on narrow staircases.

Vertical platform lifts are not enclosed, although a cage can be used as an enclosure if you wish. To install a vertical platform, you will need a six-foot square area. Some run into the problem of not having a landing large enough to accommodate the space needed for this type of lift. Inclined lifts often work better in residential homes.

Rental Vertical Platform Lifts

Some disabilities may be the result of an accident, and the need for a vertical platform stairlift may not be permanent. In circumstances such as this, you may want to consider renting a vertical platform from Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. You can find rental stair lifts at Pennsylvania Stair Lift on a month-to-month basis, or until you are able to move on your own again.

All units are put through comprehensive inspections to ensure you are using a high-quality, reliable unit.

Used Vertical Platform Lifts

There are situations where it may not be possible to pay for a new vertical platform lift, and it would be more practical to buy a used model. Pennsylvania Stair Lifts has a variety of used units to purchase which vary in price depending on their age. These units are extremely dependable and put through comprehensive inspections before being offered for sale.

Where to Find Vertical Stair Lifts in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts exclusively handles stair lifts, and handle nothing less than the best-manufactured lifts. If you or a loved one is in need of permanent assistance to manage your staircase, or need a temporary solution, talk to one of our expert specialists and learn how a Pennsylvania Stair Lift can improve your daily life at home.

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