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Does your loved one need a stair lift in Delaware?

There are typically three different types of people who consider a stair lift in Delaware. One of them being those who need immediate help with accessing the upper level of their home.  Another is someone looking at future needs and anticipate they will need this help soon. Lastly, some look at a stair lift as a convenience and something to add value to their home.

You may be looking for a stair lift in Delaware for a loved one who has lost mobility and can no longer access the upper levels of their home or access outside their home. The purchase of a stair lift is a significant addition to a home. Before buying a stair lift in Delaware, you may want the answers to these questions.

What Type of Stair Lifts are Available?

When you look for a stair lift for your needs or loved ones, there are several models to consider:

  • External stairlifts are prefinished to withstand weather elements to allow easy access to lakefronts or garden areas.
  • Vertical Platform Lift is often called the porch lift as it gives those using scooters or are confined to wheelchairs a lift up the stairway.
  • Multi-Flight Stair Lifts are designed for stairways with an intermediate landing or curves at the top of the staircase.
  • Folding Hinge Track Stair Lift is used if your stairway ends in front of a hallway or door. The hinge will fold, so it doesn’t obstruct passage into the room or down the hall.
  • Manual or Powered Swivel Seat stair lifts allow the chair on the lift to move from 45 to 85 degrees for easy and safe access or exit from the lift.
  • Stand, and Perch stair lifts are a solution for those who experience hip problems. A stair lift in Delaware allows the user to lean against the back and glide up and down.
  • Seat Footrest Link provides a footrest that is linked with the seat and can be lifted easily and comfortably without having to bend over.

older man on seat of stair lift in Delaware; older woman behind him

Where Can a Stair Lift be Installed?

There are several features of stair lifts you will have to decide whether necessary, wanted, or needed. The consultants at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts can help you make the choice that is right for you. Once you’ve selected the model and features of your stair lift you will have installed, there will be an expert there to walk you through the entire process.

The specialists at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts will visit the location you want the stair lift installed. Whether you have chosen an outside or inside location, they will determine the best method for installing the stair lift in your home. This process differs on if you have a straight stairway or one that curves, a stair lift can safely and efficiently be installed to meet your needs.

A stair lift can be installed on any type of flooring, whether it be carpeted, tile, linoleum, or other types. No matter how the installation of your stair lift is attached to your floor or stairway, it will not affect the property’s worth. Any holes made for the installation can be easily covered, so if the circumstances do change, the stair lift can be removed.

Can You Install a Stair Lift Outside?

Most people see stair lifts as a convenience for inside a home. These units can also make life easier for your loved one outside. Many have gardens or lake side areas that have become difficult to reach because of a stairway. A stair lift can be constructed of materials specifically made to withstand weather elements.

A stair lift will work much the same outside as they do inside the home when installed by a professional. These lifts can also be installed on both straight and curved stairways. Pennsylvania Stair Lifts will help you find the perfect fit for your stair lift in Delaware inside or outside of your home. The installation of these units takes from three to six hours.

Outdoor stair lift in Delaware

Can You Rent a Stair Lift in Delaware?

Some people find it more beneficial and economical to rent a stair lift rather than purchasing the unit. It may be your loved one will only need the lift for a temporary situation and will want it gone once they have recovered. In these situations, you and your loved one may not want to invest in a lift fully but prefer to rent.

Rental of a stair lift can be done on a month to month basis. These units are extremely dependable as they undergo a rigorous inspection before being sent out as rentals. If you or a loved one needs a stair lift in Delaware for the short term, you can rent high quality, reliable units from Pennsylvania Stair Lift.

If you or your loved one are looking for a high-quality stair lift in Delaware, working with expert professionals will make the process much easier and cost effective. You are assured of absolutely the best service and equipment on the market at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, contact us today!

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