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Why People Finally Decide to Install a Stair Lift

Install a Stair LiftIt is becoming more common to install a stair lift into your home. Most homes have staircases that become challenging to manage as we age. Stairs can also be difficult if one has suffered an injury affecting mobility. Stair lifts offer you a solution to staying in your home, even if you’ve become injured or find age makes climbing difficult. These are some of the reasons people decide to install a stair lift in their home.

Stair Lifts Will Allow Me to Age at Home

If you have lived in your home and created life’s memories with your loved one and children, it would be hard to leave. With a stair lift, you can stay in your family home as you age without worrying about climbing stairs. Your home is unique, and many experts believe staying within the walls that hold your most precious memories adds to your quality of life. The installation of a stair lift can help you extend your time at home as you get older and find mobility of climbing stairs is not as easy.

Stair Lifts Provide Help When Dealing with Disability

If you have undergone a surgical procedure or have suffered a severe injury, which impairs your mobility, a stair lift can be your solution in recovery. Installing a stair lift will allow you to heal and maintain a normalcy level as you navigate your entire home.

Stair Lifts Allow For Independent Living

Having a stair lift installed allows you a sense of independence and your loved one’s peace of mind. You no longer have to worry about climbing stairs in your home, and your loved ones can rest easier knowing you’re safer. We know how tremendously frustrating it becomes when everyday tasks become difficult with age.

Stair Lifts Are Easy to Use

A stair lift is easy to use. These units involve sitting down, and have a seatbelt to keep you secure. You then use a rocker switch located on your armrest to move up or down your staircase. Stopping the lift is just a matter of letting go of the rocker switch. Many units have a call button included to call your chair back down or up where it is needed.

Stair Lifts can be Customized for Comfort

Most people describe riding on their stair lift as comfortable and smooth. You can customize your lift if you are a larger or taller person, and the seats are generally extra cushioned to make the ride more comfortable. The padded seats, backrests, and armrests make your trip up and down your stairs safe and relaxing.

Stair Lifts Reduce the Risk of Falls and Injuries

If you are struggling with climbing your stairs, you know how frightening it can be each day as you go up and down. If you have lost any amount of strength or are suffering a disability, stairs can become quite scary. Hospitals report thousands of injuries every year from people falling down their stairways. These injuries range from moderate bruising to broken bones and even some, causing death. Stair lifts help reduce this risk, and keep you safe while remaining in your home.

Stair Lifts Open Up Your Home

Many who struggle with stairways choose to close off the parts of their home only accessible by a staircase. Installing a stair lift will open those parts of your home again. Instead of using your money to convert a den or other downstairs room into a bedroom, use the funds to install a stair lift. A stair lift will allow you to access all your home’s levels and open up those rooms you thought you could no longer reach.

Where to Find a Stair Lift

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts is ready to help you regain your independence. We will assist throughout your experience of deciding which stair lift near me to purchase or rent, installation, and provide excellent service to maintain your stair lift needs. Call us today and get started on restoring your quality of life in your home with the installation of a stair lift.


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