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Are You Looking for a Stairlift in Pennsylvania?

Having a stairlift in Pennsylvania homes makes life much safer and increases your mobility. Stairs can become a dangerous challenge and difficult to navigate when you get older, or if you’ve been injured. When these situations occur, many feel they have to move from their home or live in an alternative location, but with a stairlift in Pennsylvania homes, you can safely stay in your house.

Where Can a Stairlift be Installed?

Meditrak Straight StairlifA stairlift in Pennsylvania homes attaches to your existing staircase. Since they do not attach directly to the wall there is no damage to your actual house structure, which causes minimal disruption to your home. You will not have to go to your local planning commission for permission to install a stairlift in Pennsylvania, and you won’t have to remove any carpeting.

How Long Does Installation of Stairlift Take?

A stairlift in Pennsylvania, purchased through Pennsylvania Stairlifts can provide you with next-day service and installation. You choose the model that works best for you, and we can have it in your home the next day.

The installation process is approximately two hours and will be done with as little disruption to you as possible. You can choose to be home while the installing work is performed, or if you are sensitive to dust, you may decide to leave while it is put into place. Light drilling is required and any mess made will be cleaned by our professional technicians before they leave your home.

Can a Stairlift in Pennsylvania be Installed Outside?

Outdoor stairliftIf you have trouble with mobility, especially using stairs, you may want to consider a stairlift in Pennsylvania that allows you to access different areas of your outdoors at home. Patios, stairs to lower elevations in your yard, or perhaps a docking area down by a lakeside are all areas that present dangers if you cannot navigate stairs.

A stairlift in Pennsylvania can be custom-built to meet your needs and allow you to safely access outside areas. Just like the indoor stairlifts, outside lifts can be installed on either curved or straight staircases. These lifts are constructed with extensive weatherproofing material to ensure temperature changes, wind, dirt, and precipitation do not harm them.

Can You Rent a Stairlift in Pennsylvania?

There are situations such as accidents or age-related surgeries that will make going up and down stairs dangerous. These situations will only present a temporary disability, and you know you will be able to navigate your staircase as soon as you heal. In these cases, it would be more practical for you to rent a stairlift in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Stairlifts offers you the choice of renting a stairlift in Pennsylvania on a month to month basis. We provide dependable, late-model lifts and you can rent them with our, ‘Pay as you Go’ program. With this program, the stairlift is yours to use until you’ve healed and are ready to navigate your staircase safely without the lift.

What are the Different Types of Stairlift in Pennsylvania?

External Stair LiftWe all have different needs and homes are designed in various styles. Stairlift in Pennsylvania needs to accommodate these differences. The different types of stairlifts available include through Pennsylvania Stairlifts Inc. include:

External Stairlifts

  • Curved external stairlifts will allow you to enjoy the outdoors of your property. We can custom-build these lifts to follow any angle of your outside staircase. With weather protected finish, you are guaranteed a top-notch performance from your stairlift in Pennsylvania.
  • Straight external stairlifts are also designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. You will enjoy the outdoors of your property safely with a smooth ride on any outdoor staircase.

Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts

  • With the use of our vertical platform lift, you can access your deck or porch and not lose any space. These lifts are smooth, quiet, and will accommodate any scooter, power chair, or wheelchair.

Internal Stairlifts

  • A stairlift in Pennsylvania for use inside your home can work with either a straight or curved staircase. If your staircase is curved, the lift will be custom-built to accommodate your home’s design. With either style of lift, you can choose a power swivel seat, wider chair, or customize your fabrics to match your home’s decor.

Folding Hinge Track

  • Folding Hinge TrackIf your home has a narrow doorway or narrow hallway, you may want to use our folding hinge track. This track can be operated manually or by the push of a button to get out of the way when the lift is not in use.

Stand and Perch

  • Some disabilities make it difficult to bend at the hips. If this is an issue for you, the Stand and Perch stairlift is an option. With this lift, you will step on, lean against the padded back, and glide up your staircase safely and with ease.

Where to Find a Stairlift in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Stairlifts Inc. is your solution to navigating your staircase. Call us today and learn how we can install, repair, and remove a stairlift in Pennsylvania. At Pennsylvania Stairlifts Inc. you will work with experienced, professional technicians who fully understand the stairlift operation. It is our mission to meet all customer’s requirements and will work with you to make an informed decision on which stairlift in Pennsylvania meets your needs.

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