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How a Stair Lift Can Restore Independence in Your Pennsylvania Home

Nerve damage. Vertigo. Chronic pain syndrome. Heart conditions. Multiple sclerosis.

These are just a few of the many, many medical conditions that can transform the life of an otherwise independent person into one of almost endless inconvenience.

If you can relate to these statements you’re certainly not alone. In public places, you have can avoid stairs by using escalators and elevators. However, if you are like the majority of homeowners, neither of these is a viable option for your Pennsylvania house.

Homebound seniors are not the only ones experiencing mobility issues. Everyone has a right to a normal standard of independence in their home. Giving up independence is hard for anyone. Installing a new, used, or rented stair lift in your Pennsylvania home can make you feel like yourself again.

an automatic stair lift in your home can help you regain independence

Boost Independence In Your Pennsylvania Home

You may be feeling as though you are starting to lose your independence if stairs are becoming increasingly difficult for you to handle.

If you live in a vertical townhouse or a multi-level house in Pennsylvania, you may be finding yourself unable to access entire floors of your home. You might not be able to get to your bedroom any longer, retrieve your clothing or photos of loved ones, or even access a beloved hobby that you keep upstairs. Nobody wants to live like that!

This situation is far more than just a little frustrating. Independence can feel fleeting if you need to wait for someone to fetch your upstairs items or sleep somewhere besides your bed. A stair lift is an excellent way to regain your independence and access to your Pennsylvania home.

Stair Lifts Offer Peace of Mind

Feeling incapacitated can be an incredibly taxing experience emotionally. You may feel anxious, sad, or frustrated by your inability to get to other floors in your Pennsylvania home. You may also feel guilty about asking others for help. Each of these emotions is completely normal. Not knowing how, or when, you’ll be able to get around can cost you peace-of-mind.

Perhaps you’re worried that you’ll need to move and leave the home that you’ve lived in for so many years. What if you need to move into an assisted living facility? Will you feel like a burden if you have to live with your children?

Facing these questions can be scary, hard, and upsetting. A stair lift can put your fears at ease and help you regain your peace of mind as you won’t need to go anywhere but the place that you already call home.

Financing a Stair Lift

If you are concerned about the cost of a stair lift, it’s important to think of the big picture. The expense of a stair lift usually comes out to be much cheaper than other options.

Stair lifts are typically a one-off cost. After the purchase and installation costs, your stair lift is ready to go! There aren’t other large costs associated with installing a stair lift in your Pennsylvania home. If the initial cost is too much, or you’d prefer or need a less permanent option stair lift rentals can be an affordable middle ground.

Alternatively, if you were to go to a Pennsylvania assisted living facility you’ll have to pay a monthly bill.  Assisted living facilities can have many costs associated with them. Your regular monthly will far exceed the cost of a Pennsylvania stair lift installation in a surprisingly short time.

You may be able to get all or a portion of a stair lift paid for through various forms of assistance or insurance, as well. If you’re a veteran, the Veterans Administration is generally a good place to start, as the organization is equipped with financial assistance programs that can help you obtain a stair lift.  Banks and credit unions are options, as well as some homeowners’ insurance policies.

If you’re on Medicare but also have some sort of supplemental insurance look into coverage options. Many supplemental Medicare insurances cover part, or all, of the costs associated with installing a stair lift in your Pennsylvania home. Learn how to apply for Medicare here.

Beyond the traditional financing options, consider a fundraiser. If you’re someone that’s not afraid to put yourself out there, consider checking out options for fundraising online. Social media is a great outlet that can deliver your message. Websites such as YouCaring.com are designed to help people raise money for items such as stair lifts. Churches and other community gathering spaces are great places to start fundraising campaigns.

4 Ways A Stair Lift Can Increase Your Independence

1.     A Stair Lift Decreases Your Dependence on Other People

The reality is that having mobility issues affects not only your independence, but also that of your family and friends. A stair lift can help you be able to contribute to the care and maintenance of your Pennsylvania home, take some of the load off of your family or caregivers, and help you feel like yourself again.

2.     A Stair Lift Can Keep You in Your Home

In-home care can be almost as costly as moving to a facility. When you consider the costs and time, involved to hire a home care worker, apply for nursing services, and hire a cleaner it can add up. A residential stair lift for your Pennsylvania home can be a viable, and affordable, alternative. PA Stair Lifts offers new, used, or and rental models for almost every budget.

3.     A New or Used Stair Lift May Allow You to Keep Your Home

We’ve heard so many horror stories about seniors who’ve lived in the same home their entire adult lives but were forced to move out because the stairs became insurmountable. This doesn’t have to happen to you!

PA Stair Lifts has a solution to keep you in your home. From historic Philadelphia row homes, old Bucks county farmhouses, or new builds a stair lift can help you regain your independence

4.     A Stair Lift Can Help You Keep Your Hobbies

Is your garden unreachable beyond your deck stairs? Is your art studio on the second floor. There’s no need to give up something that you enjoy. Consider a stair lift for your Pennsylvania home. We also offer External Stairlifts for outdoor use! We have standard and custom solutions available to fit your needs.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about how a stair lift can help you stay in your home?  If so — and you’re in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware tri-state area — contact our team at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, Inc. Our skilled professionals are always happy to help!

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