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Automatic stair lift on staircase taking elderly people and disabled persons up and down in a house

Rental Stairlifts in New Jersey

Staying in your New Jersey home, after retirement, is important. Being able to stay in the place where you’ve built your life, or raised a family, in comfort and enjoyment is something that everyone deserves.

Whether you have joint pain, or need temporary assistance after surgery, a stairlift rental is a great solution so that you can maintain access to your New Jersey home. From a knee replacement to heart surgery, not being able to get around your house can be something that can be frustrating and inconvenient.

Rental Stairlifts Can Give Peace of Mind

A stairlift doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture in your home. In fact, 90% of our business comes from rental stairlifts. Our goal is to support you where you are in your life and in your home. That’s why we have indoor stairlift rental solutions for straight and curved staircases and even outdoor stairlift models. We help our clients stay in their New Jersey homes with our rental stairlifts program.

Solutions for Every Space

As distributors of MediTek Stairlifts, we can provide multi-flight stairlifts for your New Jersey home. Our stairlift installation is a hassle-free experience that supports your temporary chair lift needs. Our professional technicians install our chair lifts to the tread of the step to avoid any damage to the walls of your New Jersey home. When you are ready to have your temporary chair lift removed our team will leave your home as clean and tidy as they found it.

With so many stairlift models on the market here are 7  things to help you make your decision.

7 Things to Think About When Picking Your New Jersey Stairlift Rental


A chair lift should fit the space – not the other way around! A chair lift should be able to swivel away from your stairs at the correct angle. Improper rotation can be uncomfortable or dangerous. Depending on your needs, and your home, chair lifts can swing at different angles. For example, some stairlifts only swivel to the right while others have wider ranges of motion.

If you’re unclear about what will be best for your home give us a call. Our PA Stairlifts team members will be happy to help. They will be able to offer experienced-based insight into the best stairlift model for you and your New Jersey home.

The User

Like a good pair of shoes, fit is important. Considering the body type of the person, or people, who will most frequently use the chair allows us to ensure that we’re recommending the most comfortable solution for you and your New Jersey home. The size of a stairlift with respect to the user’s body size can impact things such as lift width or seat height. Proper support is crucial to safety and comfort.

Stairlift Style and Size

A stairlift should fit comfortably in a stairwell while allowing non-users to be able to walk mast it while using the stairs. A well-designed lift can even fold and unfold to allow for more room. PA Stairlifts Consider the size of the unit to be installed. A stairlift should always leave at least some space along the stairway, in order to allow visitors or more mobile members of the house to walk past and around it. A well-designed stairlift model should fold and unfold into a compact size with little effort.

Stairlift models come in a variety of colors, hardware, and set covers so that your stairlift rental isn’t an eyesore during the time that it’s installed in your New Jersey home. With wide height-adjustable seats, you can easily move up-and-down in comfort and style.

Foot Height

PA Stairlifts offers a no-cost “perch” adjustment so that you can stand while riding your New Jersey stairlift rental. Footrest height is also another consideration when picking your stairlift rental. Our super-lower footrest height comes in at 3” or less for maximum comfort and safety. Depending on your needs, mobility, and stairs we offer rentals with footrests as high as 8”.

Power Source

AC or DC power are the two most common power sources for stairlift rentals. If you have stable power, an AC-powered stairlift rental should work well for your New Jersey home.

However, if your New Jersey neighborhood is prone to power outages consider a DC-powered stairlift rental. Though these are more expensive they come outfitted with a battery backup system to ensure that you have uninterrupted accessibility.

Reliability and Warranty

Stairlifts are a big investment. The monthly rental fee includes service. If you choose to purchase a stairlift for your New Jersey residence, our stairlift models include a two-year parts warranty and a one-year labor warranty.


The more wheels your New Jersey stairlift has the smoother your ride will be. Generally, most brands have eight wheels. For maximum smoothness and comfort, ours use 12 wheels. These additional wheels increase stability, and peace of mind, for our New Jersey clients. This is because our 12-roller system more evenly distributes the users’ weight while allowing us to add features like the “perch” without risking quality or safety.

Rental stairlifts are a great way to boost your accessibility while needed. To ensure that you pick the proper model, it’s important to consider the staircase, style, footrest height, and model you’d like. Our easy installation will protect the integrity of your home while making it easier for you to access more of your home.

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