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Have You Considered a Used Stair Lift in Pennsylvania?

A Used Stair Lift Can Simplify Your Life

They say you don’t miss things until they’re gone. That’s never truer than when you can no longer easily navigate your stairs. Whether it’s age or surgery recovery, by the time you start to dread climbing the stairs you know what it means to feel limited.

You Don’t Have To Live Like That

A used stair lift can be a permanent, or even temporary, solution so that you can get back to accessing the important areas of your home. Pennsylvania Stairlifts even offers rental stair lifts should you need a solution for a visiting relative or friend. Rental stair lifts are a great cost-effective option. A used stair lift, however, is a great option if you want to have something should you need a longer-term option.

Here are four benefits to getting a used stair lift in pa:

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Become More Independent

If you’ve read anything about buying a stair lift you’ve probably read that you’ll become more independent. There’s a reason for that: it’s true! A used stair lift is a great mobility aid.

A used stair lift is a great way to restore your independence. Many people are relegated to sleeping on recliners or losing access to the bed they’ve shared with their spouse for decades when they can no longer climb the stairs. A used stair lift can help get you access to the spaces in your home that you know and love.

Not only that but by installing a used stair lift in your Pennsylvania home you’ll…

Have Peace of Mind

A used stair lift is a great way to prolong the time that you spend in the comfort of the home, and life, you’ve built. It’s a fear of many to be a burden, by getting a used stair lift you’ll give yourself that chance to maintain that independence. Used stair lifts are mobility aids. They help you easily move throughout your home, they are not meant as a restraint.

A used stair lift may mean you won’t have to move. Stay in your home, safely, for longer with a used stair lift in Pennsylvania.

Be Safer

When you’re at the point that you can no longer climb the stairs, or even dread ascending them, your safety becomes a concern.

An article in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that 1 million Americans, of all ages and abilities, injure themselves on stairs each year. That’s a lot!

Folks who are older, or are more at risk, may have more serious consequences including broken bones that can lead to long rehab stays or failure to thrive.

Installing a used stair lift is a great way to eliminate that risk! Used stair lifts are built with safety in mind and accommodate a wide range of homes and stair designs.

Save Money With A Used Stair Lift

Between hospital bills, doctors offices, medication, caregivers, etc., health care is expensive! That’s not even considering the costs involved in assisted living facilities, retirement communities, or care homes.

Used stair lifts can range in price, depending on the user’s need, but are far cheaper than the cost of having to move into a care home. With the average cost under $5,000.00, a used stair lift is an easy long-term option for a renewed sense of peace, safety, and comfort.

Used stair lifts are a dependable, cost-effective option for PA residents. All of our units are ones that we’ve previously sold as new. That means that we’ve been with our used stair lifts for their entire lifecycle. We’ll know their ins and outs! Not only that but we run rigorous, and comprehensive, testing to ensure the quality and reliability of our used stair lifts.

Why PA Stair Lifts?

Used stair lifts are a perfect option to boost your mobility and give you access to all levels of your home. Lifts can be installed hassle-free, at no extra cost, for our Pennsylvania customers.

At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts our customers are our top priority. We offer a one-year warranty on all of the parts and labor for our used stair lifts. We also offer maintenance plans that ensure that your used stair lift is functioning and safe. Plus, with our massive inventory, we are happy to be able to offer next-day service and installation at no additional costs.

With our range of products, we have solutions for straight and curved stair cases. We will do what we can to ensure that you can get to all levels of your home! Contact us today!

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