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Are You Looking for a Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA?

It is common for people to develop accessibility and mobility issues as they get older. These issues can develop slowly, so it may not be easy to determine when precisely a stair lift in Philadelphia is necessary. If you are beginning to find it challenging to reach your home’s upper or lower levels, this would be a sign the quality of your life could improve by installing a stair lift.

A stair lift in Philadelphia, PA homes make it possible for you to reach the different levels of your home or outside area if you are experiencing issues with your knees, legs, hips, or other conditions restricting your mobility. These stair lifts make it safer for you to use your staircase, giving yourself and your loved one peace of mind since your risk of dangerous falls is reduced or eliminated.

Where Can a Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA, be Installed?

Having a stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, installed into your home or outside area means you can remain in the home you love for a longer time. Installing a stair lift typically requires no advance work. The only issue that can slow down an installation is if an electric outlet is needed to be added near the lift. Pennsylvania Stairlifts will address this issue if it is a concern during your discussion on which lift will work best for you. A stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, can generally be installed into your home as a next-day service.

A stair lift in Philadelphia, PA is of the highest quality, and in addition to your home’s indoor stairway, it can easily be installed as:

External Stairlift

Pennsylvania Stairlifts can install the MediTek External Stairlift to your patio, deck, or other outside areas where stairs have become too challenging for you to navigate. These lifts are prefinished to resist outdoor weather changes and are designed to retain their finish to remain great looking.

Vertical Platform Lift

The Vertical Platform Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA, is often referred to as the Bruno Vertical Platform Lift. This version of the stair lift will allow those using powerchairs, wheelchairs, or scooters as a means to navigate to reach the different levels of their home. These lifts work great if you have steps from your porch or garage into your house. The Vertical Platform Stairlift allows you barrier-free access to your basement, deck, or to the main level of your home.

Multi-Flight Stairlifts

The Multi-Flight Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA, is a solution if your staircase has more than one level. This stair lift will bridge the gap between stairs and the cost of having a custom made lift ordered for stairways that curve.

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Renting a Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA

There are times when your mobility issues are only temporary. If you’ve been involved in an accident and suffered a serious injury, you may not require a stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, as a permanent tool. If this should occur, you can rent a stair lift instead of committing to a permanent investment.

A stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, can be rented on a month to month basis. A rental eliminates permanent installation and can be removed once you no longer need its assistance.

Where to Find a Stair Lift in Philadelphia, PA

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts specializes in stair lifts, and we focus solely on providing our customers with quality stair lifts and superb customer service. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and reliable stair lift, so you retain the quality of life you deserve. If you are looking for a stair lift in Philadelphia, PA, you need to contact Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, whose expertise in the industry will guarantee you excellence.


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