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Are You Looking for a Lift Chair in Philadelphia?

If the stairs in your home have become challenging to navigate or you’re having a hard time reaching the upper level of your house Pennsylvania Stair Lifts can help find you a solution to make it easier. A lift chair in Philadelphia will provide you a cost-effective, quick, solution to solving this mobility issue.

young man helping his grandfather out of his armchair.

Why You Should Look for a Lift Chair in Philadelphia

The CDC reported that each year 3 million people are treated in the emergency room for fall injuries. 300,000 older people are hospitalized for fall-related hip fractures. Falls can lead to many serious injuries but they can also make you afraid to travel to the different levels of your home.

One of the primary benefits of having a lift chair is the safety they provide. A lift chair allows you to go from floor to floor while reducing your risk of injury. Stairs present one of the most common areas in a home for fall risks. Lift chairs can offer peace of mind while allowing you to move freely around your home.

Pennsylvania Stair Lifts carry a variety of different options of lift chairs in Philadelphia. These units are easy to use as you only need to sit down, press a rocker switch, and be on your way up or down the staircase safely and conveniently.

A Lift Chair in Philadelphia Will Restore Your Independence

If mobility issues have made it impossible or unsafe for you to reach your basement or upper levels of your home, a chair lift may be right for you.

Mobility issues often make it impossible for a person to easily navigate stairway. Having to rely on another person’s assistance to reach the different levels of your home may mean you can no longer access these areas.

A lift chair in Philadelphia will restore your independence and freedom to access all areas of your home. You can find a model that suits your needs and your home’s architecture at Pennsylvania Stair Lifts. Your comfort, safety, and independence are of utmost importance to us.

Lift chair mounted to a steep staircase to give disabled or handicapped persons access to an upper level

A Lift Chair in Philadelphia Will Allow You to Stay in Your Home

One of the primary reasons adults moves into assisted care facilities are mobility challenges.

If your sleeping areas are on a different level from your living areas, it may have become too dangerous for you to sleep comfortably in your own home. A lift chair from our Philadelphia location can help you reach your bedroom safely and to return to the living space just as easily.

A lift chair is also a great solution if you are healing from an injury that has made climbing stairs impossible or dangerous. A lower-body injury can make dealing with stairs unsafe. Pennsylvania Stairlifts offer rented lift chairs from our Philadelphia location to make this task more manageable while you recover.

At Pennsylvania Stair Lifts, we take great care to make the temporary installation hassle-free. Once you’re back on your feet, we come and seamlessly remove the lift chair and return it to our Philadelphia location.

Don’t risk a serious injury; call Pennsylvania Stair Lifts today and discover how you can install a lift chair in your home. We are the industry experts and offer full-service support. Our Philadelphia team will support you from installation to maintenance, and in some cases, the removal of a lift chair in Philadelphia.

Our specialists are ready to help you make the decision to purchase, or rent, a lift chair that best suits your needs. We can also help you customize your lift chair to your specific needs and your home’s architecture.

Find the comfort and peace of mind that a lift chair can bring; call Pennsylvania Stair Lift today and discover the convenience and safety of a lift chair in Philadelphia.

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